Psychological Projection: What is this?

Projection: The attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; especially: the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety

Psychological Projection: A theory in Psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive or negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

Narcissist: A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration in themselves. An extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

This is obviously an anti-Racist meme also! The ashkeNAZI yids are not real joos though!

When I was 5 years old I asked my father why are democrats so stupid? I don’t really remember what he told me but being the pragmatist he was I know he probably said well people are entitled to their opinions and such.  Obviously my views at the age of 5 were significantly influenced by my father who was the greatest and wisest man I have ever met. A man of unconditional love who I never once lost his temper nor did I ever hear him swear. I didn’t realize just how idyllic my upbringing was as I had access every day to what I realize now was and still is my idol.

All lefties are pure NPC’s. This is our unfortunate reality!

I wrote a poem for my father when he was on his deathbed and was crying some much I am surprised my keyboard didn’t drown.  And I am not the crying type but it seemed this poem just wrote itself since I wrote it from my heart.

Here is a link to the poem.

If the truth offends you that is your problem!

He was in his hospital bed about a month before he died when I read this too him as it was very difficult since during this time I would break down and cry constantly, and even after he died I cried every day for over a month.  I read this poem to him and after he heard it he said he wasn’t that good.  I obviously didn’t quite understand the inversion of our world at that time, but I of course told him YES YOU ARE!  I now know his humbleness and meekness he exhibited his whole life was exemplified at his moment as he was true to his word and beliefs, and most assuredly was the most honest man I have ever known.

How did I get so lucky to have this man as my father?  Most assuredly my father never psychologically projected onto anyone his whole life.  If he made a mistake he acknowledged it and that is very rare indeed.

If you speak the truth I assure you you will be on the pedophile protecting false flag producing FBI watch list. They are against people who protect women and children! Our inversion in a nutshell!

My parents would have a fight about twice a year and my mother who was extremely spoiled by my father who doted on her would get upset over some trivial thing.  When I was a little boy if my mother would comfort my mother because I obviously spent most of my time with her.  My mother would cry while my father calmly explain this is the way it is.  My father just calmly held his ground. No anger or even a raised voice came from him.  Mind you these little fights happened about twice a year, and when I was 3 years old I went to comfort my mother one time, but I was starting to get it that my father was totally right.  So I told my mother you know Dad is right.  My mother got mad at me of course and shushed me away. My mother simply was so spoiled but didn’t realize it.

It is easy to give in, and it is much tougher to stand your ground. My father always stood his ground. He did it right!

My father never complained about a thing so I have never complained either as I hate listening to complainers (which explains my aversion to KKK slavery democrats so much), but my mother did and she was always accusing others of what she was guilty. 

“Who made this mess?”  You did Mom. Then she would get mad and storm out of the room.  Or she would get mad about having to turn out the lights and say “Do I have to do everything around here?” when we all did our share but none of the rest of us complain about it.

My mother did a microcosm of what subversive LYING Marxists do all the time. Their whole modus operandi is psychological proejction. The projecting propaganda media is complete bullshit!

Thus, of course not to the same degree of psychological projection we see in the propaganda Racist supremacist media by the subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids, but it is the same principal.

When the KKK slavery democrats started their attack of white people like myself by calling me RACIST, it did not take me long to say fuck you and it is the democrats who are RACIST as shit!  And they are Racist towards me not the other way around.  Democrats have always been whiny ass complainers which is just rude and offensive as I hate complainers. Of course now I realize KKK slavery democrats have been programmed this way and have absolutely NO intelligence to figure it out. At this point no KKK slavery democrat has the right to regurgitate their psychological projecting programming in my presence.

Can I give you a more clear cut example of psychological projection? Yet because of conditioning the white people in the audience sat there and took it. Absolute bullshit!

Needless to say I do complain significantly nowadays about whiny ass KKK slavery democrats complaining. The bullshit media perpetuates this entitlement attitude on purpose and who run our disgusting psychologically projecting media?  Subversive LYING parasites is who run the media and if you cannot figure out it is NOT white people by now you need to wake up! Blithering idiot are completely a cesspool of mentally deranged TRASH!

The psychologically projecting cultural swine KKK slavery demonrats are built on pure HATE! Prideful BIGOTS!

Does not Pride go before destruction?  Pride is BIGOTRY and that is what every piece of comatose lefty moron is. Did their pride not get them to euthanize themselves via the Rockefeller death shot?  Yes, they selected themselves to go to the slaughterhouse alone.  Their pride stopped the gullible morons from listening. At one point I had sympathy for those who took the death shot, but looked at it logically and asked myself why? They succumbed to their demise by only thinking of themselves. I could not stop their abject stupidity but tried. It is now water under the bridge and I let it go. They deservedly have lost all respect and maybe on their deathbed they realize it.  But probably not.  It simply doesn’t matter anymore.

It is not worth arguing with anyone who took the Rockefeller death shot as they will just try and justify their ignorant stupidity. Ignore them long enough and they will be dead!

I do not accept any psychological projections from anyone and I get them constantly.  I hold the world record for being called retarded which is simply humorous as I intellectually intimidate almost everyone so their fragile egos must protect themselves this way.  I literally can put most people into a coma if I so choose at this point which is reality all lefties are in a complete trance.

It is this simple. And it is a FACT!

All comatose KKK slavery lefties are complaining psychologically projecting prideful BIGOTED TRASH. It is NOT an insult as it is just a FACT!  In our Brave New World where FACTS are ignored this will trigger egos as I do not state this with any emotion in the least, but I do understand it will cause emotion.

I do not care if the Truth bothers anyone!

All the great thinkers over time have realized what I understand. I am smart enough to search for the truth and connect the dots that’s all. It really is not rocket science, it is simply common sense.

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