Letter to the system pig who is watching me because I speak the truth!

It is a FACT I am against harming children! It is also a FACT that I know who controls the criminal banking system is a bunch of child sacrificing satanic scumbags. For those system pigs who defend these people what the hell are you doing? Yes, you probably watch me because I know the truth and I will not be quiet! I have a conscience and you should develop one also! I really don’t know how you do it or if you are really that brainwashed? Why do you protect pedophiles? Is the money worth your soul? I obviously do not expect those psychopaths to change but not everyone of you is a psychopath right?

Here is a letter written by someone else but it it my feeling also from someone who wants to be left alone!!

Dear fed/system pig,

You will never find purpose in life. Your very existence is a Faustian pact, trading relative security and comfort at the cost of your soul and what is truly right.

You hate me and the people here, go to great lengths to slander us, entrap us, enflame our justified rage at the system you uphold; but the truth is, you hate us because you know we’re right.

Deep down inside, you know the disgusting, Astro-glide lubricated cog in the giant gay machine that you are, a machine that, despite its complicated construction, numerous gears and settings, vast inefficiencies, and capacity to destroy most of its inputs, you willfully continue to ensure its function, KNOWING, and FULLY AWARE that the only output of said function is a giant floppy dildo penetrating thousands of years of morality and reason repeatedly for a chance at a few scraps cast your way from the hellish underworld you fight to preserve.

I haven’t given up on you, though. As much as I want the world to turn its unbridled rage back at you, which you, and only you bear responsibility for fermenting (and fomenting) in the pressure cooker of modern society, the truth is, greater impact would be had by any one of your number undergoing consciogenesis – the process of growing a conscience and realizing the depth of the stain that has penetrated your soul and the difficulty to expunge it.

You are a traitor to everyone. A traitor to the country you claim to support as tyrants hold power around the globe. A traitor to the race (whichever you claim as your own) which you subject to endless Semitic machinations to pit at the throats of others. A traitor to the species you unfortunately share with the rest of us, supporting people who rape and pillage everything good and natural from this world. A traitor to the planet that is the only thing that sustains you.

The sooner some among YOUR number realize this truth and make a stand for what’s right, the sooner the house of cards crumbles. I don’t care what pills and vices help you sleep at night – only that you realize when you come clean you’ll be able to do it all on your own. We await true leadership on every front, the tired and downtrodden people sharing this ark together, but were that to rise from your ranks instead of ours, imagine the joy that your fellow man would feel, knowing perhaps not the entire world would bring its ill will to bear upon them in acts of cowardly compliance.

Imagine the impact that YOU could have if you do the right thing.

Wouldn’t you rather be a hero?

Would you rather the stories told of this time include a contribution of your own with some worth and purpose, rather than eternal disgust and revulsion at the lack of willpower and strength of heart you possess?

The next time you enforce the great lie composed of myriad tiny, and equally disgusting lies that make up this world, I want you to think about that. I want you to know you have a choice. We know, and we won’t forget that you did.

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