I graduated from a public brain damaging university, but I have since fully recovered.

Public brain damaging centers are TRASH!

Plato’s Cave is perpetuated by programming the masses with LIES so they next generation will believe their parents who have also been programmed with their lives.  When we are young we have not fully developed the capacity to question so we are easily programmable, and thus the perpetuation of LIES is easy at this stage. 

Plato’s Cave is the truth!

Our situation is especially dire right now as most teachers who doing the programming are mentally deranged repulsive cultural swine KKK slavery demonrats who are obviously completely unconscious and not aware their head is completely up their ass.  No child should EVER be around a narcissistic KKK slavery demonrat as every single one of them is a polluted thumb drive of misinformation. Luckily for the future, pretty much all of the morally repugnant KKK slavery demonrats have euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot.  At least his will put the zombie TRASH out of their collective misery.

No mentally deranged repulsive cultural swine RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED unconscious piece of shit KKK slavery demonrat should ever be around children! All RETARDED lefties are diseased puke and should be put out of their miserable existence!

Unfortunately our public brain damaging centers true objective is to produce unthinking gullible morons that can be programmed to be good slaves to the beast system.  The satanic pedophiles like the narcissistic Rothschild and Rockefellers who are destined for a very hot place have infiltrated all the brain washing centers of diseased sludge thought with complete and utter nonsense, and none of it is the truth.

The ugly smelly narcissitic diseased sludge said what? God needs to turn up the heat for this worthless TRASH!

The shape of the earth we will on is clearly FLAT by all visible observations as globbery is utter nonsense, so if this wacked out conspiracy theory of globbery is taught, then you know it is all complete bullshit.  The LIES being perpetuated are all just garbage, as the most intelligent people out there currently are the ones who eschewed being brainwashed at the indoctrination centers.

What causes the rainbow? It is a reflection off of the dome or firmament. The blue sky ice is pure oxygen and produces the prism we see in the rainbow.

Like how I have explained how the Matrix works before, it is all a process of programming the mind so it doesn’t question nor is it able to comprehend FACTS, as the human mind which is extremely programmable just like a computer, will lurch forward with what it has been programmed with since it really is just a regurgitation from the hard drive of the brain, or the subconscious mind.  The mind will regurgitate everything very easily in a very arrogant fashion because it frankly has no filter.  This is very evident with your blithering idiot lefties who throw a conniption fit when you don’t agree with them, yet have no cognitive ability to defend their position so they run away like the prideful BIGOT they are!

It is not an insult to call all KKK slavery democrats retarded, it is merely stating a FACT! Righty’s simply are not that smart due to their Orwellian Doublethink.

As an open minded liberal I am obviously able to give you a Socratic logic analysis on anything I say, and will provide it at any time.  I obviously love a good debate and just wish somebody else could!  My confidence however is extremely devastation to all arrogant regurgitations, and of course my confidence will be perceived by them as arrogance.  It is how the inversion works in our Orwellian world.

This is the simple truth as I can only think for me. I try to make people think but they sure don’t want too!

I knew something was wrong when I graduated from college, as my last quarter of college I was taking one of my senior level classes where we did case studies and doing presentations of them.  The class was almost all white males like myself and one white women who happened to be sister of a brilliant friend of mine. I know nothing about any other of the students, but I know she became a CEO of a healthcare company making millions but her life is a miserable mess.

The teacher was a petite Vietnamese as she was probably 100 pounds dripping wet.  She was clearly intimidated and when she starting speaking people did not give her much respect as they started whispering.  Being who I am I promptly shushed everyone so there was quiet as everyone deserves to be heard.  So there were around 20 students and me who became the enforcer.

Schools are simply child abuse at this point or babysitting. How to make your child stupid!

So we had a couple weeks of instruction and then we started doing the case presentations which were 3 people per group to work on the case and do the presentation.  So after a group does a presentation they are then asked questions by the class and of course the teacher.  I don’t know how it got started like this but the rest of the class would not ask questions.  So the petite Vietnamese teacher would ask a question and then I would ask a question.  This became standard procedure after a while.  The presenters after answering her question would then look to me for the next question even though I was a fellow student.

Of course along with 2 other students I also did a presentation.  The 3 of us worked on it but frankly I did most of the work.  On the day we were to present I looked at our numbers and I actually saw a big mistake.  I did not point it out and nobody noticed not even the teacher.  So we did the presentation which I did most of it also and then we had the questions.  Well, I was not there to ask questions for she I believe asked all the questions.  Being the ball hog I am instead of us taking turns I answered the first 3 questions.  When the 4th question was asked I said one of you 2 should answer the question.  So they both took turns on the question but unfortunately they were wrong.  So the teacher asked me the question and I explained the correct answer.  She was shocked and stated you knew the answer.  I said of course.  Frankly all this was was an application of common sense. I obviously got an A in the course and I did not do this to brownnose in any way, but it may have appeared that way to other students.

Zappa knew. Many people do but very few listen.

Frankly I had many professors dislike me because I questioned them.  Their fragile egos don’t like to be questioned.  Frankly when learning Keynesian economics I said this is nonsense because it was completely illogical and the teacher did not like that at all.  I remember getting a C as I refused to be brainwashed with that garbage.  I hear today that is all they pretty much teach to brain damage the children.

There is a reason why Pink Floyds the Wall was my favorite album. They were trying to tell people to wake up!

Back in my day there was none of this brainwashing leftist nonsense as I would have shut it all down if they did. In my waking up process  that really got me going to want to figure everything out is that my nephew who went to a private school and a really good college, and his other white male friends who went to Harvard, MIT, Brown etc, told me he was a democrat! I freaked out as I have always regarded lefties are stupid and that has never changed.  I have always made fun of their intelligence since they give me so much material and even lefties laughed when I did that.  They simply were unable to make fun of my intelligence because I would give them a zinger back which they feared.  Lefties would never debate me as they all would run away when I wanted to debate.  This I realized is what makes me an open minded liberal and lefties are prideful bigots.  It is just a FACT!

The universities are pure brainwashing centers producing a bunch of compliant slaves.  Liberalism is brainwashing 101 and create the exact opposite of a prideful BIGOT. No lefty is even remotely liberal so they cannot decipher the total absurdity of the ashkeNAZI yid propaganda bullshit media nonsense so they are controlled.

The brainwashing produces prejudices so people are locked into the Matrix. They do this by the repetition of LIES!

Intelligence is simply NOT regurgitation and it never will be.  Being able to decipher FACT from fiction is.  If you are so resistant to the earth’s shape of being FLAT which is in front of your face every day, then you have a problem. Trying to debate a programmed retarded wacked out conspiracy globberyist while they cannot decipher the simplest of FACTS like water being FLAT is very frustrating to say the least.  Unfortunately everything is this was as the public indoctrination centers like organized religion builds pride in their beliefs so they believe the LIE.

Being only able to memorize things make you stupid and an arrogant fool! Schools do not teach people how to think on purpose.

Agent smith does not like me one bit because he has no chance.  He is paralyzed in any debate with me because I know his next move.  He will always call me what he is guilty!  Every. Single. Time!

Agent Smith attacks the truth! It is that simple!

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