Operation mockingbird media is the virus!

You must invert all media for the truth! It is fucking absurd at this point!

Television media receives the majority of its advertising budget from the international pharmaceutical companies—this creates an irresistible influence to report all concocted studies supporting their vaccines and other so-called treatments. In 2020 alone the pharmaceutical industries spent 6.56 billion dollars on such advertising. Pharma TV advertising amounted to 4.58 billion, an incredible 75% of their budget. That buys a lot of influence and control over the media. World famous experts within all fields of infectious diseases are excluded from media exposure and from social media should they in any way deviate against the concocted lies and distortions by the makers of these vaccines. In addition, these pharmaceutical companies spend tens of millions on social media advertising, with Pfizer leading the pack with $55 million in 2020.

While these attacks on free speech are terrifying enough, even worse is the virtually universal control hospital administrators have exercised over the details of medical care in hospitals. These hirelings are now instructing doctors which treatment protocols they will adhere to and which treatments they will not use, no matter how harmful the “approved” treatments are or how beneficial the “unapproved” treatments are.

Never in the history of American medicine have hospital administrators dictated to its physicians how they will practice medicine and what medications they can use. The CDC has no authority to dictate to hospitals or doctors concerning medical treatments. Yet, most physicians complied without the slightest resistance.

The Rockefeller death shot is for culling the population. This is a obvious FACT! Does the propaganda media point this out? Of course not because the subversive LYING parasites control the media! They will tell you (((china)))!

Stockholm syndrome desscribes how people protect their oppressors and the operation mockingbird RACIST supremacist media will tell you the ashkeNAZI yids are oppressed! Nice inversion right? If that doesn’t work they bring up the holohoax bullshit to try and make you feel guilty! If you look at simple FACTS you know it is complete and utter bullshit as your feelings do NOT matter. Hitler pegged the sub human beasts entirely as they are narcissistic subversive LIARS entirely and devoid of intelligence. The dumbest race on the planet runs the world thru deceit and deception. This is the ultimate inversion!

If this truth bothers you, it is you who has the problem! These are FACTS! Your feelings can go to HELL!

The Rockefeller death shot is designed cull the population and because of the jealousy of white people because we actually build proper civilizations, the inferiority complex of the ugly smelly narcissitic retards is immense. The moraly depraved edomite sodomite useless eaters are master LIARS inverting everything on the FLAT earth. The schizophrenic psychopathic egotisitical RETARDS as exactly what Martin Luther called the inbreds, accursed incorrigible vile whores and rogues. God’s chosen my ass as Satan chose his children to rule the world as God did say Satan would rule the world didn’t he? Yes he did!! I do not deny this TRASH rules the world, but the faulty inbreds will deny they are TRASH obviously. But I assure you the narcissisitc inbreds know.

The anti-Semitic ashkeNAZI yids are simply RETARDED! It is like trying to debate a comatose lefty, it is impossible to debate a mute! They are guaranteed to LIE!

The operation mockingbird media is designed to deflect from the truth as the subversive LIARS will never point out who is behind the poison injections. But if you actually look at FACTS and not get offended by them, it is quite easy to see! They all have the star of remphan 666!

The operation mockingbird media is run by these inbreds and financed by them so their paychecks are dependent on not connecting the dots, but to deflect from the truth. Satan uses money to get you to do the wrong thing as it fuels the ego which is materialism! It unfortunately works on humans very well!

I have known all vaccines are poison for a long time after looking at the simple FACTS. But I am not normal as nobody has ever been able to actually sell me a thing. I analyze and then make my own decision. Unfortunately the masses cannot do this as they are programmed to truth authority figures who are invariably LIARS!. It is merely the sheep being led to the slaughter.

It seems every day my conspiracy theorist label is diminishing. Every dead poison injected gullible moron is making my case nowadays!

The ego doesn’t listen and how many people didn’t listen to me to not take the Rockefeller death shot? People are mostly afraid to speak to me since I tell the truth so I don’t really know. I guess when they die is when I will find out!

The idiots will select themselves and they did!
Telling the truth in a world of deceit is a frustrating experience to say the least. I will say it here that I would never commit suicide. Thank god I do not know Hillary Clinton!

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