Most of America was once Tartaria in the 15th and 16th centuries!

If you still believe the fable that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, it is past time you pu this utter nonsense to rest.  The elaborate architecture present in many cities across America does not make any sense unless America was occupied by a more advanced civilization.  And it was.

The 325 mile Erie canal was not built by shovels in 7 years in the early 1800’s, it was merely cleaned out at that time.  Seattle has a city built on top of a city.  Who built the city underneath?  Where did all this ornate architecture come from that we cannot build today?  All the pyramids in Mexico?  Where did they come from and how did they build them?

So you are telling me they did this with shovels in 7 years? This was built by Tartary as they are the ones who had the techniques to do this! But this history needed to be hidden so they made this nonsense up as it probably was cleaned out in those years.

Nothing you have been programmed with about history is even remotely true, as it is quite obvious that something does not add up, and Tartaria in on the maps all over the place in the 17th and even some of the 18th century yet it has been erased from history for some reason. 

If you believe any history you have been taught at the public brain damaging centers you probably have the erroneous belief that KKK slavery democrats have a functioning brain!  How absurd is that!

This is the map of Tartaria in the Encyclopedia right before the big war with Puagachev. Quite a big country to erase from history right? They could not erase all the incredible architecture, especially the obvious Tartarian Red Square for the Muscovite Tartarians!

Moscovite Tartary is clearly evident in the architecture with the spires in the Red Square.  It screams Tartaria.  This architecture was not created by the Russians as it is pure spectacular Tartaria.  Maps confirm this!

This literally screams Tartaria once you know how they built things for the free energy grid.

The most recent book I read from Anatoly Fomenko is “USA has issues with Maps of the 18th century.  Fomenko’s work has been widely discredited by the publically brain damaged programmed retarded scholars and other propaganda artists, as what he details are simple observable FACTS and blatant observations from reality on our FLAT earth.   When propaganda wikipedia tries to lambast his work, then we obviously know it is true.  He just does a very logical approach to everything and ignores what is being programmed into the unsuspecting masses at the public brain damaging centers.

So their are maps which he showed the NW to be developed in the 15th and 16th century, but Blank in 1720? How do you go backwards? I surmise that Tartaria was being attacked on all fronts at this time so they would not let anyone in, so they called that area parts unknown. They should called the area we don’t want to tell you!

In the chapter “The formation of the United States in 17767 and the annexation of the American territories of the Moscovite Tartary” chapter, he states this.

“Let us recollect just how and when the United States of America were founded.  The encyclopedia Dictionary tells us about “the independent state, or the USA, founded in 1776, during the North American War for Independence of 1775-1783.”  We suddenly realize that the foundation of the USA strangely cohencides with the end of the war against “Pougachev” in Russia (he was defeated in 1775).  This arranges everything in a different perspective – the “War for Independence” in North America had been the war against the last American remnants of the Russian Horde, which had been attacked by the Romanovs from the West, and by the American “freedom fighters” in the east. Nowadays we are being told that the American’s had struggled for independence from their British colonial governors.  In reality, it had been a waqr for the vast lands of Muscovite Tartary left without a governor.  The American Troops hurried to the West and the Northwest so as not to be late for their share of the land.  It is common knowledge George Washington (free mason) became the first President of the USA in 1776.  It turns out that Washington became the first ruler of the American territory that had formerly belonged to the Russian horde.  It is understandable that the very fact that there had been a war against the “Mongolian” Horde in America had been erased from the American history books, likewise the very existence of the tremendous Muscovite Tartary.  The war between the United States and the remnants of the Horde for the entirety of the American continent had continued until the second half of the XIX century. Alaska had remained in the Russian possession for a particularily long period of time, and so it was “purchased” from the Romanovs in 1867 for a token price.”

According to the history books, Napolean was fighting Peter the great, yet you see them here and in many places the best of friends? Could they have teamed up to be fighting some other country like Tartaria? Connect the dots!
Tartaria existed right? Yes, so why did they try and erase it? Just another example of the good guy losing the war.

You can erase a large country from the history books, but you cannot erase the architecture that Tartary produced which is very visible plus old maps showing a completely different picture.  Coinage is also something that tells a story which Fomenko delves into. 

“The history of the maps depicting the American Northwest tells us about the existence of vast territories that had spanned nearly on half of North America in the XVII-XVIII century and remained completely enigmatic for the European cartographers all the while, starting with the XVII century, the decline of the Great Empire, and ending with the defeat of the “Pougachev” in 1775, at the end of the XVIII century.  Muscovite Tartary fell apart; this had resulted in the foundation of the USA.  The American West must have belonged to the Empire of the Horde and it’s heir, Muscovite Tartary, which had existed in the XVII-XVIII century.”

Do we need any more proof of this?

If a person visits San Francisco and then visits Los Angeles there is an extremely stark contrast in architecture.  I can find several pieces of obvious Tartarian architecture in San Francisco and none in Los Angeles.  San Francisco was a developed Tartarian city certainly on the maps in 1605 many years before America was formed.  The street cars I am sure ran off the free energy produced from the grid.  Los Angeles architecture is boring and downtown LA is armpit that I used to have to go to and dreaded it every time.  The feel in San Francisco when I was there a few years ago had a much better feeling, but I don’t know about now.  It appears they have been trying to destroy the Tartarian architecture for many years, but it was so well built it is tough.

Grace Cathedral in San Fran! Does this not scream Tartaria or what? Numerous other structures in San Fran are this way. Virtually nothing in Los Angeles that I can find to this grand of scale.

So the Pacific NW was developed by the Great Tartaria and that is why there is so many remnants of Tartarian architecture everywhere which you cannot hide. The Tartarians were white and Aryan so of course the jealousy of the inferiority complex egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids is so prevalent by their continuous statement in the RACIST supremacist propaganda media nonsense by stating the truth that white people are superior (white supremacy the genetically deformed faulty inbreds call it).

How people believe the propaganda media bullshit is just absurd!

I personally accept the acknowledgement as it is obvious but would never say that myself however, and being the nice guy I am offer inferiority complex counseling to the egotistical RETARDS!  This complete inversion of reality is just so obvious when you understand how the human ego works.

Can you say psychological projection?

Have I told you everything you have been told your whole life is a LIE?  It is and I speak the truth.  I simply don’t care if your ego disagrees.  Just as the earth is obviously FLAT, I will not quit speaking the Truth!

Conspiracy globbery is hilarious!!

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  1. Yes, it does make the mind question. BS education in school hid history by telling us that the only previous inhabitants here were the North American Indian tribes. Nice cover, right? But our mis-education also taught us about an apparent holocaust. But we both know it was nothing but a holohoax. History that we were taught was all lies.

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