Einstein Retarded Syndrome!

Einstein as we know was a subversive LYING blithering idiot postulating gibberish in his absurd theory of relativity, yet gullible morons still believe that complete nonsense. Tesla was completely right on his description of the intellectual sloth Einstein.

Einstein was a subversive LYING narcissistic faulty inbred!

The debilitating mental disease is characterized by the absurd notion that someone believes they are smart, yet they are a subversive LYING retarded blithering idiots.

Many Einstein retarded syndrome patients are created in our public indoctrination centers where they become merely programmed monkey brains of misinformation. Einstein retarded syndrome is typically revealed by the incredible ignorance of simple FACTS, and then the individual will make up some convoluted regurgitation that will fascinate and dazzle the blind masses. It is like Ralph the duck on Orwell’s farm dressed in fine clothing that ignorant people perceive as a king.

This schizophrenic psychopathic mental disease is especially acute in comatose psychologically projecting Racist HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats diseased sludge, the cultural vomit party of unconscious filth.

Einstein retarded syndrome is an extremely prideful BIGOTED disease where a person does not even look at the ingredients from a poison before they inject the lethal concoction into themselves.

And our inverted world lauds a mental invalid like Einstein! Absolute moron!

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  1. It really is quite disgusting how the world has been hijacked by this subhuman group of scum sucking urinals. The infiltration has seeped into every level of society. Satan has no original, creative thought of his own. He takes what God has made, inverts and perverts it. He creates ugliness out of beauty, and confusion out of simplicity.

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