The Orwellian inversion of the operation mockingbird media nonsense!

The incredible absurdity of the pure nonsense RACIST supremacist psychologically projecting media is just immense currently as everything is completely inverted. But because many people are in such a trance like state they believe this total garbage. I just shake my head as anyone to believe it.

Before I get into the memes outlining the complete inversion I have an interesting story at work with the only KKK slavery democrat here who obviously is taken aback by me and probably is very confused when the other guys call me a democrat and I respond that is HATEFUL! LOL! We all have an ego and the ego never wants to be wrong obviously as it wants its comfortable truths confirmed. Doug who is like me a straight white male but extremely programmed who has told me before he likes to stay up to date by watching the news! I know he is merely staying in the Trance this way obviously. But he came up to me yesterday telling me that a coworker was sick with covid which he really just got a cold for a few days and it back at work. People still get sick like they always have. But he emphasized that Tod got covid and it was a FACT which I know is his ego desperately wanting that to confirm his programmed belief that what he has been programmed with, not a FACT in the least. Real FACTS are ignored in the Brave New World we live in.

TV “programming” is to produce an unthinking drone! If comatose lefties weren’t programmed, they wouldn’t actually speak anymore. All their sentences are programmed by someone else.
The RACIST supremacist media is ignoring the deaths from the Rockefeller death shot and are very worried about so many people figuring out the inversion, and of course that is why they want to take the guns. Before every genocide, the useless eating subversive LYING commie vomit has always taken the guns!
Everything that comes out of the mouth of a ugly smelly narcissistic sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid TRASH is an inverted LIE, and obviously the RACIST supremacist terrorist pedophile HATE group ADL is just more solidification to this reality. The putrid vulgar egotistically RETARDED maggots of ADL have fragile egos when the truth is told! Some matso balls and the holohoax LIE need to be shoved up everyone of the pieces of shit!
So African leaders didn’t want their population culled with the Rockefeller death shot? The satanic genetically deformed pedophiles culled them!
Big Mike is a tranny! If you don’t know this LIE you need to wake up to this inversion!
Free mason extortion fraud NASA is pure garbage as Stanley Kubrick even admitted to filming the moon landing hoax.
The Fabian society teaches the subversive LYING parasites how to make the LIE sound truthful! All pushing toward the satanic fake joo world order.
Good description of the satanic demons at the RACIST supremacist ADL subversive LYING vomit!
They Live is a documentary and not fiction in the least!
It’s a big club and you ain’t in it! All wars including the current one are orchestrated by the satanic scum!
Gosh, fear porn and they even state it is! All bullshit!
LOL!! If you cannot connect the dots that people are dying from the Rockefeller death shot yet, you are unconscious!
The Racist supremacist subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids sure blame alot on the fictitious tooth fairy er. I mean ficticious “white supremacist.” Whatever the narcissists accuseth, they mental invalids are guilty!
Most media merely regurgitates what they read on the teleprompter as they do not want them to think. The people who write the inverted stories are trained on how to do the LIE like Fabian Society style! A wolf in sheeps clothing is a perfect illustration to all diseased sludge RETARDED leftist thought!
Alot of the false flag shootings have the same crisis actors! People are gullible to believe this bullshit!!
Free Mason NASA’s own documents say the earth is a FLAT, nonrotating earth! But people do not look it up!
There, I have your ego triggered, now look at the bottom to find out the source of all the bullshit. A criminal satanic enterprise who prints money for free!
Flouride is a neuro toxin! Never drink it or used flouride toothpaste as it is very bad for the brain!

Before the bolsheviks ashkeNAZI yids murdered 66 million white Christians, they took the guns! Gosh, what are the subversive LYING maggots trying to do right now? Taking away the guns is for your safety right? Fuck off!
To do the controlled demolition on 911 obviously the media must be controlled by the people who did it! Who are the Racist supremacist terrorists who did it? It’s very easy to connect the dots when you wake up!
Women do not have the critical thinking skills to vote! Feminism destroys women on purpose. But they have no clue as feminists are comatose!
If you haven’t figured out America fights on the wrong side of every war yet as part of the inversion, you need to come to reality of this disgusting FACT!
I figured it out and I try to help anyone I can. But you must listen!

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