joo is just a fancy word for a sub human beast maggot!

As is obvious, all useless eating ugly smelly genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids are diseased puke.

The synagogue of satan’s star of remphan 666! Everything in plain site!!

The RACIST supremacist inferiority complex mongrels are sludge as it is impossible to even be HATEFUL or Racist towards the sub human narcissistic beasts.

Hitler was so right about the ugly smelly inferior sub human beasts!

All RACIST mentally deranged putrid vulgar comatose morally depraved HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats spewing nonsense out of their polluted thumb drive mouth, as the unconscious vomit is literally unable to even form a complete sentence, and this obviously precludes any narcissitic KKK slavery demonrat from being an open minded liberal in the least.  All morose morally repugnant diseased sludge KKK slavery demonrat goes berserk when the truth is spoken since the narcissistic filth is programmed with all LIES!  Even if the wind changes direction the comatose lefty morons fly into a conniption fit.

All RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are unconscious vomit!!

Satan’s chosen minions are arrogant schizophrenic psychopathic freaks of nature, and the mental midgets sure are not real joos nor are they even remotely semitic, just run of the mill con men.

Stealing the jew name is the biggest con job of all time! The narcissists can not help but be subversive LIARS.

The reason they had to infiltrate all organized religion to get them to be prideful in their beliefs was to protect themselves from every truth the Jesus said as he say their father was the devil correct?  Obviously the devil doesn’t like to be pointed out does he?  The fragile egos on the ashkeNAZI yids is immense and is triggered every time the truth is spoken.  The mental invalids go berserk.  The faulty inbred ashkeNAZI yids are by far the dumbest race on the planet as it is very debatable if they are even human.  Yet they are brainwashed with the belief they are smart which is just another part of the Orwellian inversion so aptly described in the bible.

Organized religion build pride in ones beliefs which is the exact opposite of what they bible tells you. This is how satan manipulates your prideful churchgoers who believe just because they are going to church they are saved. The reality is going to the vast majority of churches actually is keeping people completely away from God due to their laziness and pride.

The yids are simply narcissistic and completely programmed retards who deserve their eventual fate into the abyss.  God rejected the whiny ass cowards as not worthy to lick his feet, and rightly so so they have been upset in reality about their own inferiority and have been seeking revenge ever since.  That is why they are so jealous of white people and are so Racist towards what they wish they could be, not the miscreant misfits they are.

I assure you God did not choose an arrogant ugly smelly inferior subversive LYING race in the least.

The parasites destiny is set as they relish in their perceived success in the world and have the delusion God has called the mongrels his own, but this is the ultimate inversion of all, as satan will bring the retards into the abyss with him.

A very accurate description of the current state of the world!

God will dispose of this useless eating forsaken race and that is a guarantee, but we must put up with the blasphemy from the inbreds as told in the bible.  It is only another solidification of the truth that the bible says.  When you finally figure out this inversion, their HATRED and jealousy is very easy to discern and to brush off. But until you humble yourself you will not see it in the least.

People are afraid to point out the truth due to the mind control, but the truth will set you free! Anything a yid says is a LIE since their father is the devil!

Pride goes before destruction.  This is exactly what is going to happen to the ashkeNAZI yids whose father is the devil completely.  It is so obvious it hurts!

Pride is satan himself, and of course satan always accuses me of pride! I do hold the world record for being called retarded also. Obviously one of us is wrong! The bible is the truth!

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