Global catastrophic event looming if climate change not address immediately!!

In these unprecedented and challenging times global warming is a very big issue as the 1000 mph winds of the spaceball spinning thru space are not getting rid of the pollution fast enough!

For those conspiracy globberyists who still believe the complete and utter absurdity that we live on a sphere, we want to help you feel safe by seeing how far above sea curve you live to determine if you are in danger of getting your hair all messy.

To keep all gullible morons who believe this globbery nonsense, this climate change pushed by autistic retard Greta Humbug and the fake msm propaganda will make you feel guilty every time and in fear so you do not think by saying “HOW DARE YOU.”

If you know the earth is FLAT with a dome like it confirms in Genesis, your common sense already realizes global warming is complete and utter nonsense!

If we do not do something soon, by the year 2000 it will be all over!

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