What is pride?

The reason people are so ignorant and stupid is because of pride. Pride always makes people believe they are right, but they are always WRONG.

Pride is arrogance.

Pride is BIGOTRY.

Pride is not listening.

Pride is your ego

Pride is Satan at work.

Pride does not think.

Pride always accuseth of what it is guilty.

Pride throws childish temper tantrums.

Pride gives erroneous advice to wise men.

Pride is stubbornness.

Pride makes people easily manipulated sheep.

Pride ignores simple Facts and truth

Pride always gives advice on something it knows nothing about.

Pride attacks justice.

Pride creates unconsciousness and is what mind control is all about.

Pride is being ok with morally depraved sexual deviancy LGBT scum

Pride is pedophilia

Pride is selfish

Pride is slothfulness

Pride is the I believe I am right disease

Pride is not looking at the poison ingredients in the Rockefeller death shot before injecting it

Pride is moral repugnancy

Pride is jealousy

Pride is motivated by money

Pride is always WRONG.

Pride is not being able to read the bible because God does not let you understand it due to arrogance

Pride is believing you are better than others, yet it is the complete opposite

Pride is a wall that separates the wise man from the fool

Pride is non thinking and will trust subversive LYING authority figures

Pride does not question

Pride is emotional due to the inability to comprehend FACTS

Pride inverts reality in the mind so people believe the LIES

Pride is believing the subversive LYING propaganda operation mockingbird media

Pride is ignorance


Pride is greedy

Pride is an abomination to God

The bible is right!

Because of the inverted mind created by the brainwashing almost everyone processes information with their ego which is exactly what has created our inverted Orwellian world.

To be wise like Socrates, you must be humble and question everything. Socrates stated he knew nothing, and until you know that to be true, you will not be an open minded liberal which is being humble or open to new information, which is really open to God’s wisdom.

But most of all, Pride goes before Destruction.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

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