Organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses!

Organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses!

Organized religion builds ignorant prideful beliefs. This same thing was happening 2400 years ago as thing simply do not change.

Sorry, all those years going to church have been a total waste as they are merely brainwashing you to have pride in your belief structure to actually keep you away from God. Organized religion has been infiltrated across the board by satan as some of my most frustrating conversations are with purported Christians who are adamant in their beliefs which is being prideful so they do not question them.

Prideful BIGOTED morally depraved sexual deviant drag queens? It is obvious it is all satanism!

Pride is BIGOTRY is narcissism which if you possess I assure you God will not even let you read the bible. The wisdom of the books of proverbs and psalms when read with pride will invert the meaning of the words so that the wisdom will be not be comprehended. Thus, if this wisdom is not comprehended neither will the rest of the bible.  It is all or nothing.  Pride is the ego and the ego will deny the truth in the bible which means people will believe all the satanic LIES like conspiracy globbery, easily manipulated women can be preachers, and marriage can be between 2 people of the same sex.  All these are a pure abomination to the bibles teachings and are a result of pride or the ego.

Satan has done an incredible job of trying to tear apart the family with feminism, sexual depravity, etc. The happiest couples can be are being a team whose parts fit like God intended. The wife submitting to the man and the man submitting to the women so they become one. Doing this is extremely powerful and is backed by God himself. That is why the scum of the world does not want this in any way.

The subversive LYING satanic ashkeNAZI yid TRASH is behind all despicable feminist thought purporting to empower women while actually destroying their natural instincts so they can manipulate their emotional nature. The happiest women of the world are the ones who raise children as that is what God put them on earth for, as women are not thinkers. Women should not be burdened with voting as they would be much happier. Overall and not all women make terrible choices because of their emotional nature as that is why they need a good man to protect them. Feminism destroys the team as the only good feminist is one who has already been run over by a truck!

If Martin Luther were alive today he would be screaming to get his name of the Lutheran religion as it is diametrically opposed to what he preached. No person purporting to be a Lutheran today seems to have a clue of who Martin Luther was.  The inversion of people say you shouldn’t follow a man like Martin Luther but of Jesus takes place, as Martin Luther was a humble man who taught what was in the bible. Today’s Lutheran’s are preaching not the bible but RACISM and HATE towards white and Christian people as installed by the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids who are not real joos nor are they even semitic.  Like everything else this is just another part of the biblical Orwellian inversion we are living in.

Luther understood the subversive LYING RETARDED parasites very well! The Lutheran church is the complete opposite!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions as satan uses those good intentions to manipulate the masses.  Being a faithful churchgoer is always with good intentions, but unfortunately if your leader has been influenced by the satanic Rockefellers supporting the seminaries thru their various satanic foundations which are designed to manipulate the truth.  A typical church will received lessons and bible verses for the week from the head office where they will prepare their sermon from this.  If this source is tainted then the whole sermon will be tainted and be an inverted LIE.  It is just like how programmed scientists build off a premise of an authority figure who has given them false evidence like Gravity from free mason Newton and believe that premise without questioning it. Free mason’s are luciferian so everything they say is a LIE as it is their standard practice. This is exactly how Plato’s Cave is perpetuated by these LIES taught to the impressionable schoolchildren and they then repeat these LIES believing the programming is a FACT.  Schoolchildren are simply too young to have developed the ability to question, so that is why they are targeted to be brainwashed.

Feelings without reasoned thought produce very foolish actions.

The bible has over 200 verses that show his creation is a FLAT non rotating earth with absolutely none for conspiracy globbery.  Yet your typical purported prideful Christian will always be very prideful in their discussions telling me I do not follow the word of God saying will you deny that Jesus is the Christ.  They will always deny their own prideful beliefs as the ego denying the ego exists is exactly what the ego is.  This is the conundrum of all conundrums as it truly is what inverts the world.

It is the prideful beliefs that stop people from looking at all the obvious bible verses about the FLAT earth. Their minds deflect from all the mind control people are under as what stops them is the I believe I am right disease which is PRIDE!

Satan’s favorite tactic is to accuse others of what he is guilty as this creates confusion.  He also likes ot invert the meaning of words such as liberal which is open minded so a prideful BIGOTED satanic death cult RACIST closed minded BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat is the anti-thesis of a liberal.  This is so obvious it hurts.  Yet people constantly regurgitate this programming from the RACIST supremacist satanic subversive LYING media as it programmed into them so they do not think.

Very few comatose KKK slavery demonrats have projected onto me their RACISM, but I assure you I have told the truth that all prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are RACIST many times. The truth obliterates their LIES!

Pride is BIGOTRY is narcissism is the I believe I am right disease which is pure selfishness. It really is not anymore difficult than that, yet it is a wall most people will not take the time to break down.

Pink Floyd talked about the wall and so have so many other people. That wall is inside of you and it is your ego. The ego is your pride as it inverts the reality of the world. It is that easy yet the mind control stops people from actually comprehending what I write. Can you say conundrum?

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