If a RACIST satanic pedophile like KKK slavery vegetable Biden wants to take your guns, you need guns!

I think it has been over a week now that the schizophrenic psychopathic subversive LYING faulty inbreds have produced a blatant false flag shooting for the RACIST supremacist propaganda bullshit pedowood media garbage.

I was in a hot tub in Phoenix right after the Vegas shooting where I stated it was bullshit! A schizophrenic psychopathic RACIST supremacist egotistically RETARDED sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid wanted to kill me for stating this truth!! The demons possess this RETARDED faulty inbred race entirely!

When do you think the murdering satanic parasites will do another false flag shooting?

  1. Within a week
  2. 10 days out
  3. How does anyone believe this shit?
It is quite inconvenient that the schizophrenic psychopathic inbreds look white!

While we know mentally deranged comatose morally repugnant RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are intellectually incapable of even questioning, at least your rightys are almost unanimously going this is just incredible bullshit.  Severe dementia installed puppet Biden probably has between a 10-20% support from your typical American, but a good support from dead people which is no different than your typical zombie apocalypse KKK slavery lefty.

NPC KKK slavery lefties are NOT alive!

America’s public brain damaging centers have done a very good job at creating extremist deplorable sycophant diseased puke KKK slavery leftist TRASH as the domestic terrorists go berserk when the wind changes nowadays.  All lefty’s are unconscious vomit with not an ounce of critical thinking skills so they are all very good useful idiots.  Their conscious mind does not function in the least as it is scary these entities are driving cars.  Since most of this filth took the Rockefeller death shot so their immune systems are being destroyed day by day along with their programmed subconscious mind, the amount of insane acts these zombies will do before they die will be interesting to watch.  But the satanic software program the zombies actually are means they all have no sense of morality or decency.

They destroy thinking so they should be called public indoctrination centers in to complete bullshit!

A philosophical question that I have is how is anyone actually capable of being such schizophrenic psychopathic subversive LIARS like this?  The only conclusion I can really come up with is the genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED massive inferiority complex sub human beast ashkeNAZI yids are just a simple satanic software program and not technically alive like you see in the movie They Live.  They do not have intelligence at all but are programmed to believe they are intelligent, which is the big Orwellian inversion.

Satan looked onto the earth and chose the ugliest most easily manipulated RETARDED race on the planet to use! The subversive LYING parasites sure have fragile egos don’t they?

The Edomite sodomite anti-semitic Cainetic yid parasites goal is to destroy humanity and the beautiful FLAT earth with free energy that God created, which ultimately means their own destruction.  This is the ultimate in RETARDATION and I can only imagine God has a purpose for putting the faulty inbreds on this earth.  The bible becomes real here again when Jesus stated satan will rule the world as it really is a temporary place seemingly a testing grounds to see who is strong enough to withstand complete insanity.

The Good German’s rightfully burned the ugly smelly edomite sodomite useless eater ashkeNAZI yids moral degeneracy, and this will happen again!

When you finally understand the complete inversion we are in, being of this world no longer becomes so important, as what is important is understanding God exists.  It is not a faith in God for me anymore in the least, it is a reasoned logical belief.  It does seem like he is using the world as a video game and I do have questions for him on why he let all this happen.  I look forward to a philosophical discussion with God and hopefully Socrates will be there also, at least I would want to invite him.  I love an intellectual challenge and that is not happening on this earth I’m afraid.

People don’t like the truth I state much, as this was the same with Jesus, Socrates, Martin Luther, Hitler, etc. If you dare to state the simple undeniable truth, you know satan will attack you. It is because satan rules the world. I am just passing thru!
God is a mathematician. The world he created is one of frequency, Fibonacci and prime numbers. These are the secrets of this realm we are in!

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