Ministry of Truth!

If you don’t know we live in the world so aptly described by Orwell in 1984 by know, you are not conscious.  The mind control of the masses is simply immense as the absurdities pushed by the propaganda msm are meant to distract and mystify the masses.

The middle chapter of 1984 which I bet Orwell wrote first explains the mechanics of the world we live in. His quotes are complete reality to the world we live in!

If someone watches the operation mockingbird msm even a little bit, their minds are being distracted by complete and utter nonsense on purpose. I see posts from people about the 2000 mules, and the Durham case, etc which are just part of the puppet show.  They are meant to give people hope so they trust the plan, while the plan is actually to keep you docile in your seat doing nothing while the subversive LYING parasitical sub human beast Bolsheviks destroy America.

Anyone who believes any of the subversive LYING Racist supremacist media is literally comatose.

Satan’s favorite tactic is to accuse others of what he is guilty, and that is exactly how the RACIST supremacist media operates as they know mentally deranged morally repugnant comatose RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats will regurgitate what they see on the news as it is all they can do. Putrid vulgar diseased puke unconscious vomit lefties are simply useful idiots who obviously have euthanized themselves willingly.

If a person doesn’t understand what psychological projection is then you are clueless to reality. It is so obvious to me at this point it hurts!

Like Q which was a pure mossaud psyop meant to pacify the righty’s who are more aware of the massive deception but still cannot put their figure on it, it is just like operation Trust in the Soviet Union to entrap the not quite awake crowd just like the January 6th event, the useless eating parasites stage all these events just like the false flag shootings done by the programmable RETARDED leftist zombie TRASH!

Q is a rinse and repeat of Operation Trust they did in the Soviet Union before the bolsheviks started murdering 66 million White Christians. That is what subversive LIARS do as they literally have NO creativity nor intelligence. Just a satanic software program. There is a reason most of them are comatose lefty zombies!

As long as they keep the masses in the false left vs. right paradigm they are happy, but they do not want open minds figuring out it is complete and utter nonsense.

Turn off the TV “programming” now!! All of it!!

America has a subversive LYING RACIST supremacist inferiority complex ashkeNAZI yid problem as does the whole world, and you do not

figure that out while still in the false paradigm. Their intellectual deficiencies preclude the ability to tell the truth as everything the Satanists do is predicated on their egotistical RETARDATION that the ends justifies the means.  The mental invalids literally believe they are Gods while God himself is preparing the fiery pit for schizophrenic psychopaths.  They are trying to destroy humanity and our flat earth by polluting it while really destroying their prideful selves.  Upset that they were not chosen by God the Edomite Sodomite ashkeNAZI yid filth is merely trying to destroy God which we know how that is impossible, and their destiny has been predetermined by their actions.

Amazing how the bible warned all of us and organized religion was created as a smokescreen to keep people away from God. Quite the inverted deception indeed!! Just as satan planned!!

The bible is alive, but certainly not followed by infiltrated organized religion in the least!

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