Am I a woman?

As a philosopher who knows exactly how our upside down world works, not pondering the question of am I a women would be preposterous!  Thus, I have had some sustained thinking on this whole prejudicial possibly erroneous supposition that I am a guy.  Since FACTS are currently irrelevant in our world today as only feelings matter, I simply am able to ignore all semblances of reality at this point, and believe in the absurdities that make me feel good!  Makes sense right? 

I really like lemon meringue pie!!

In today’s world when people are confused, typically people go see a psychiatrist who is programmed to actually add to the confusion which will make them feel good since playdough is a moldable inanimate object that smells like you should eat it. 

I wonder if this is true?

This circumstantial evidence that I might be a woman started even before I was born, as being the 4th out of 4 children my parents produced, and being that I have 2 brothers and 1 sister, they had they belief I was going to be a girl.  This belief most surely should never be discounted obviously even if facts prove otherwise. Reality is fluid obviously. I wouldn’t want to live in our current dystopian society if it wasn’t.

At least we know there are only 2 genders right?

My current preferred pronouns are Larry, Curley and Moe, but they do change depending on celestial observations.

Please visualize my preferred genders correctly or you are not politically correct!

Everything I tell you is to be taken on a literal basis obviously, as I have never been even remotely Sarcastic since I do not even know what the word means.

At least God understands my humor right?

I do plan on reading a plethora of books on what it means to be a woman as they are authority figures on the subject so I can regurgitate what they say with ease, as being a women takes a manipulated village of idiots to determine the veracity of this malleable consort.  So sad supreme court justices are no longer able to read right?

Thinking is offensive you know!!

But I digress.  To make this dream a proper reality action must happen right?  Thus, I plan on chopping off my weiner and will proudly vote KKK slavery democrat in the next election!  Blood be damned!

Since I am a women, obviously then I am not a feminist!

I say this because I care!

A person must appear insane to actually be sane today. Everything is that inverted!

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