The inversion of everything!

4 billion dead!

I am a very fastidious person as I am doing some spring cleaning this weekend as I do a thorough cleaning once a year whether it needs it or not.

I have also been trying to figure out of the meaning of the word sarcasm also.

Very busy weekend!

What I write has the meaning between the lines. If a person does not think they will never know what I mean. It is what philosophers do!

So the news I heard yesterday that the ashkeNAZI yid CEO of Pfizer stating they have reduced the population of the world by 50% is actually incorrect.  Watch the short video.

So you can see the short clip was edited and was deceptive right?  But was it?  The reality is these vaccines are poison as evidenced by the ingredients, and everyone who has taken them has issues, while those who haven’t are doing just fine.  In line with the Orwellian inversion, the edited one is telling the truth while the word he was speaking are a complete LIE!  It is hard to grasp this inversion, but since everything is a LIE that will come out of the mouth of the RACIST supremacist CEO of Pfizer, you have to invert everything he says.  Confusing yes, but it is the truth.

Is the CEO of Pfizer a yid? Yes, so he psychologically projects and is a LIAR. Everything he says you must invert for the truth and that is why the edited version is actually the truth!

The inversion never ends I assure you.  If at any point you fail to invert something for the truth, you are believing a LIE.  You want to believe the false flag shootings?  Sorry, never believe ANYTHING the subversive LYING racist supremacist media says.  That is why you should never watch your TV “programming” because this stops your questioning of the event.  If you stop questioning things, you will just be programmed with all LIES.  The TV is completely your enemy!

If you want to believe all LIES, watch TV!!

This is the reason all of history is a LIE as it is always the inversion of the truth!  Tartaria was a benevolent society with free energy which is the reason why the current beast system we live in had to erase it.  The beast system is pure slavery thru usury of the banksters and obviously satanic.  So whatever is perceived as right is always WRONG!  Whoever is lauded as a philanthropist is actually a satanic pedophile, and whoever is attacked as evil is always the good guy.  This rule applies to everything and it has been this way throughout history.

There is a reason all these arches were built along with all the spires. It produced free energy. God provided and man taketh away!

The trial and death of Socrates shows you what a caring and compassionate wise man Socrates was, while being accused by a complete LIAR Meletus who had an aqualine nose (what race has a big nose?). Socrates did his own defense which was absolutely brilliant, yet he lost his trial even though his accuser was incompetent.  Why did he lose?  It is because the masses literally could not comprehend what he was saying, as that will cause them to have an emotional reaction triggering the ego so they will do the opposite of what is right.  The inversion once again.

Popularity is for the fool, as the wise man strives for the truth.

Voltaire talked about the Athenian court who convicted 6 generals to death who had just won great battles for Athens, yet were unable to bury their dead right away because of the storm.  Is this not another barbaric decision?

People are ruled by their emotions which are always WRONG!

Was not Jesus crucified for doing nothing wrong but for being wise among the masses, while Barbasass(sp?) the criminal was let free?

Satan most certainly runs the propaganda media! Absolute garbage!!

Is not out current inverted Marxist system letting out criminals and punished the victum?  That is exactly what is happening in spades today as RACIST domestic terrorist HATE groups like BLM and antifa are free while the peaceful protestors on Jan 6th were completely set up by the federal bureau of insurrection?  The inversion never quits!

antifa are domestic terrorist zombie TRASH! How do people ignore this FACT?

People freak when I say the truth that all comatose KKK slavery HATE spewing democrats are RACIST?  How much more obvious can it get?

KKK slavery demonrats are simply insane at this point! It is not a debatable FACT!

So what is this telling you?  If you are of this world or Matrix and not in the spiritual realm of seeking God on our FLAT earth, you will win battles here, but you will lose your soul for a few shekels. 

Therefore, winning is actually losing, and losing is actually winning.  Isn’t this a conundrum right?

Unfortunately history is really just rinse and repeat. The history taught in the indoctrination centers falsely called schools is never the truth and always what they want you to believe.

But this is also prophecy from the bible correct?  Yes it is! 

The inversion! Where have I seen this before?

In our world today it is the fool who is the most arrogant as people are narcissists, as that is what all the mind control is designed to produce so the masses can be controlled.  But stupidity is not the lack of knowledge, but the illusion you have it.

Russell is one of the 13 families so I assure you he knows what he is saying is true. Like all the families, everything is done for their benefit and to the detriment of the masses. He is for the destruction of intelligence so they keep control but he won’t tell you that now will he?

As a moderator for our FLAT earth on social media, I am called retarded by wacked out conspiracy globberyists constantly as it is their modus operandi since they are agent smith.  They live in the Brave New World ignoring all FACTS even like the simplest FACT of all that water is level and always finds its flatness.  It also needs a container to hold it which is what the Ice Wall Antarctica is.  If they let people explore Antartica the Satanists know we would figure out their LIE and start the domino effect on all the other LIES.  Once you figure out the inversion after figuring out a few LIES, they know you will never believe a thing they say on the Racist supremacist subversive LYING media ever again, so they lose control.  Trying to understand the mindset of the Satanists who want to control you to take away your free will is difficult, since it is the exact opposite of what most would want to do, and was probably what Tartarian Society was.

Debating these wacked out conspiracy globberyists with all their programmed LIES is comical at this point.

Was the wise book of proverbs right or what?  Yes it was as it constantly talked about the arrogant fool and the wise man. 

Perception of the mind is the opposite of reality for the unthinking fool. Have I told you about the inversion? LOL!!

Plato’s Cave was and still is true reality.

Plato’s Cave is a chapter in Plato’s Republic which America is modeled after. They inverted it like everything else, but it is profound and must be read if you are seeking truth. It is one first Eureka moments I had when waking up.
Don’t believe a thing I say! I am obviously crazy!!

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  1. Good post, by the way. The deceptions and inversions are everywhere. Whiie I was making Kombucha in the kitchen I heard a program my mother was listening to on TV. And although it was recognizing the crime and genocide of the Holodomor, it was also promoting the crumbling holohoax in the same breath. The narrator recognized the Holodomor starvation was inflicted on the innocent Ukrainians by “communists”, but at no point did he point out who the communists actually were. But that’s no surprise, as his last name was (((Levine))).

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