Why I am an open minded liberal who cares for women and children!

As we come off the American soldiers sacrificed for satanic pedophile banksters day, it is very important to be open minded to realize who have been lied to your whole life.

Hitler was right! America fights on the WRONG side of every war!

If you have too much pride in your current beliefs that is very much an issue, as the masses are controlled by their pride in their beliefs.

The ego is that wall! It takes sustained thought to break it down!

We are told to have pride in America over and over and over again, and while America is or was a nice country, that pride is causing massive problems right now, as what we really need to be doing is humbling ourselves, questioning our beliefs of who America really is?

America is a perverted version of Plato’s Republic. America is the military machine to install enslaving central banks around the world! America is the bad guy in every war!

“Tolerance is as necessary in politics as it is in religion. Pride alone in intolerant. It is pride that gives men’s minds a feeling of revulsion when it makes us want force them to think as we do; this is the secret source of all divisiveness.” Voltaire

If someone believes the government or the subversive LYING Racist supremacist propaganda media, you are a conspiracy theorist who believes a pure puppet show!

Pride is intolerant as evidenced by the your mentally deranged closed minded KKK slavery lefty zombies, as lefties are morally repugnant unconscious vomit at this point. They take pride in being morally repugnant sexual deviant BIGOTED gender dystopian LGBT sewage and are pushing for the raping of children which they obviously are already doing.

KKK slavery democrats are RACIST hateful intolerant BIGOTED filth as this is a FACT and not even remotely debatable. Seeing selfish slothful narcissistic morally depraved sick disgusting women screaming for the right to murder their innocent children is just repulsive.

KKK slavery demonrats are pure NPC’s who are easily manipulated since all they can do is memorize and regurgitate!

In these biblical times of complete and utter inversion, we are seeing the pouring out of poison kettles in the form of poison vaccines killing and maiming the prideful BIGOTS who are so ignorant they did not look at the ingredients in the Rockefeller death shot.  They trusted authority figures as they are programmed to do instead of questioning, which is because they are so brainwashed they can’t.

The culling of the prideful BIGOTS who took the poison shot is in process.

If you refuse to acknowledge that you have been brainwashed by such things as our subversive LYING Racist supremacist propaganda media, their simply is no hope for you as the masses are not smart unfortunately, and are offended by reason.

The truth is acquired by inquiry and the questioning of your beliefs, and LIES are reinforced by doing a google search.  People want their comfortable LIES confirmed, and the truth is bothersome so agent smith will attack it!  I know agent smith very well I assure you.

The ego likes its comfortable LIES confirmed, and hates when people tell the truth!

Life is too short to have a closed mind, as intelligence is almost entirely the product of the simple ability to admit one has been duped.  The ego which the masses are controlled by simply denies the truth.

Regarding the ego, what has been programmed into children at the public indoctrination centers is actually the opposite of the truth.  I have never read any books on the ego thankfully, as my definition is from the real world and interactions.  Thus I was not programmed with the LIE that permeates the masses.  Recently I was having a nice conversation online with someone in Slovania as we agreed on everything.  Everything that is except for the definition of the ego.  My definition is the complete opposite of the masses.  This one small item made him block me.  The ego is pride and is a BIGOT.  Blocking someone is bigotry!  It is a FACT which is ignored in our Brave New World constantly!

The ego is what inverts the world as the ego is pride which will not question ones beliefs!!

The ego is the Matrix, not all the truths in the least.  It is that one thing and nothing more.

A quick refresher course on the ego’s attributes.

The ego is prideful so it is a BIGOT!

The ego is the self so it is controlled by materialism, sex, drugs, etc.

The ego is the I believe I am right disease, and it is ALWAYS wrong believing the LIES while ignoring FACTS.

The ego is the sub conscious mind so it is the programming.

The ego has no logic, but is very logical in its actions.

The ego psychologically projects what it is guilty onto others, as it is what it accuseth 100%.

The ego inverts the minds perception of reality entirely so it believes the LIE!

The ego does not want to believe it was duped so it will resist all truth. It is time to admit you have been programmed with all LIES! All of it!!

No matter how many times I explain this, the mind control people are under which produces the ego thru the mind functioning backwards, makes people’s minds lurch forwards instead of questioning their beliefs locking them into the matrix.  Humorously, after explaining how the ego works in a logical fashion, the inability to comprehend these FACTS makes them accuse me of being egotistical which is a pure psychological projection! 

My constant refrain to people is you describe yourself well! And it is a constant over and over again!

The ego which is the programmed sub conscious mind believes it knows it all while it knows nothing!

It is the ego which gets in the way of questioning your reality to keep a person locked into the Matrix or Plato’s Cave.  If a person does start questioning they will start figuring out the details of the Matrix.  But not until someone truly figures out how the ego works will they fully exit the Matrix. 

This is how the ego works as it always tells me I am wrong to protect it’s programming. It is emotional.
The free mind might disagree, but it will inquire on why you believe that? The free mind is never emotional and always introspective.

As a FLAT earther I have been attacked by Flat earthers, a patriot threatened to beat me up because I said the earth is FLAT, and white lives matter blocked me because I stated the truth that mentally deranged KKK slavery democrats are RACIST BIGOTS!  Agent smith is the ego so he will always attack the truths I say. And the truths I say are frankly blatantly obvious when you understand simple FACTS! As you should know, the ignorance of FACTS is the Hallmark of the Brave New World we live in.  My mind does not ignore any FACTS!

The gleason’s Flat earth map from 1892. They are working overtime right now to stop the FLAT earth truth from getting out, but they are losing!

From Socrates to Jesus to Voltaire, the inversion of reality has been going on since the beginning of time.  Intelligence is the questioning of ones beliefs, and the discernment to determine what is arrogance (Pride) and what is confidence (humbleness). It is that simple.

Schopenhauer was revered by Hitler as he was a very wise man!

While I am attacked daily by people calling me retarded, I will continue handing them the rope to hang themselves until moral improves!

Only the arrogant fool never questions himself, as the wise man quietly lets the fool hang themselves! This maxim has never changed!

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