Turn off the TV “programming!”

Why do you think they call it “programming?”  It is because it is programming your mind whether you like it or not!  While you are watch a polluting TV your mind is in an alpha state which means it is extremely susceptible to being programmed.  It doesn’t matter what you are watching whether it be sports, movies, or the propaganda news, it is programming your mind.

The amount of patents for programming by the TV is immense. Do you think they are not brainwashing you? If you don’t believe this, you are brainwashed!

The TV is frankly one of the most disgusting insidious inventions ever for the control of the masses.  Unfortunately American’s have a habit of watching 8 hours a day which is the most in the world, and you wonder why American’s are such zombies?

It doesn’t matter what you are watching, your mind is in an alpha state and you are being brainwashed. It is designed to stop you from thinking and it does!

I frankly have been very disgusting with all the garbage programming since 2000, as I still owned a TV but hardly ever watched it thru 2018. The last time I watched one was the Super Bowl at a bar as it was more for analyzing just how disgusting it has become, and it surely didn’t disappoint as the moral depravity and racism towards myself as a white guy coming thru the TV. It was interesting as I was making comments about how bad it was to this guy and how ItsaHELL did 911, and he told me he was jooish. I told he was not, but that is what the ashkeNAZI call themselves.  I kept on and I assure you he already knew and was very embarrassed to actually be one of them.  Many of them know their race is a bunch of subversive LIARS and are not at all happy with their brethren.

So who is programming you? Can’t name them? The RACIST supremacists brainwashing is working!!

The reason I say this is so you will TURN OFF THE TV FOR GOOD!!  Read some books, enjoy the outdoors, go for a hike, but throw your TV in the TRASH!  It is garbage and by watching it it makes you garbage.  All TV viewers can do is regurgitate the nonsense on it as evidenced by blithering idiots who actually think a “white supremacist’ exists.

I assure you open minded liberals like myself do not control the media!!

White people certainly do not run the propaganda media, nor do Black people, nor do Asian people nor do Latinos.  The subversive LIARS who falsely call themselves the j word do. Do you think the Racist supremacists who erroneously think they are smart, but are merely arrogant narcissistic RETARDS have a bias?

Gosh, the Racist supremacists don’t believe in diversity do they? They all have the star of remphan 666 don’t they? Turn off the LIES!!

I obviously have been calling comatose BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats RACIST for years simply because it is the truth.  Yet when I do I get that fluoride stare. The truth is so upsetting isn’t it?  Unfortunately all truth is that way but I speak it anyway.  I despise LIARS and BIGOTS who will not question their own beliefs which is the majority of the masses.  They are trained to trust the authority figures and the LIES that are repeated over and over again in the propaganda bullshit media.  They do this because the TV “programming” actually inverts the minds thinking so the masses believe the opposite of the truth while it also ignores simple FACTS.  It is how the Brave New World, Orwellian World, Matrix, or Plato’s Cave Works.

Flouride is a neuro toxin that is bad for your teeth, but keeps people stupid enough so they believe the propaganda news and do not question anything. It seems like everything else, they lied about the industrial waste flouride didn’t they? I assure you everything is a LIE!!

Has the media ever told you all Presidents are related?  Or how the criminal private Federal Reserve prints money out of the thin air, or that it is impossible for planes to bring down steel buildings like on 911 even if they did hit the towers (which they did not as that was all CGI like free mason NASA).

I purposefully triggered your ego by a nice butt which I like beautiful women since they are truly an art form made by God, and feminists are an abomination made by satan and should be run over with a truck. But the love of money is the root of all evil, and the criminal private bank non Federal Reserve is your enemy entirely. The bible confirms this just like how the earth is FLAT with a firmament!

There is nothing of value on the TV “programming” EVER!  It is all to control your mind so you continue to be docile slaves.  It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere, and the TV is merely a chain on your mind.  SHUT IT OFF NOW FOR GOOD!!  You will not regret it!! You will soon begin to throw things at a TV like I do nowadays!

If someone does not take care of themselves enough to turn off their TV programming, you don’t think and are of no use for society. I fart in your general direction!

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