I am pro abortion for all satanic death cult RACIST narcissistic selfish slothful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats!!

Absolutely repulsive!

As an open minded liberal who is pro choice, I obviously encourage all comatose putrid vulgar diseased puke to get saline injected into their skull and be brutally dismembered.

The only good feminist is one who has already been run over by a truck!

Since this would help them with their desire for death, it obviously shows that I care to help them put the despicable pieces of shit out of their misery.

Brainwashed RETARDED KKK slavery leftist TRASH is a satanic death cult! This is not a joke!

This obviously put all the narcissistic RACIST supremacist useless eating inferiority complex scum of pedowood and the subversive LYING parasites of the propaganda media out of their collective misery.

Encourage all demonic diseased sludge leftist TRASH to get the Rockefeller death shot so the prideful BIGOTS go to hell as fast as possible!!

Being unconscious vomit and the walking dead, all their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and misery would be eliminated when the RETARDED comatose scum DIES, as we hope they will DIE an excruciating painful and miserable death!  This is the only way to put these insane pieces of TRASH out of their narco hypnotic state of blithering ignorance as they filthy TRASH is obviously not alive in the first place, if their wish is death, I fully encourage them acquiring it.

Death is what the filthy TRASH wishes for so it is only caring we help them with their wish!

The Brave New World is full of prejudices and almost devoid of reason!

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