How the RACIST supremacists operate the subversive LYING propaganda media!

The ministry of turth propaganda media is pure psychologically projection meaning they are 100% guilty of what the egotistically RETARDS are guilty. So everything the media says has to be inverted 100% for the truth!

The blatant RACIST supremacist media is run by egotistical RETARDED subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids almost entirely. Pure propaganda nonsense!

While all the false flag shootings are orchestrated, whatever they say on the propaganda media will be believed by comatose KKK slavery lefties since they are literally zombies who regurgitate what they see on the news.

This is not fiction in the least! Most American’s are this way as they regurgitate and do not think!

Because of the public brain damaging centers falsely called schools, American’s are programmed with complete LIES, so they truth will be offensive!! The programmable human ego which our current Brave New World is based on ignores all FACTS while regurgitating what they have been programmed with, while simply not thinking. Agent smith which is the ego will always be offended by the truth!

Government literally means mind control, and if you deny this you merely deny simple FACTS!

All stories are this way as obviously the Racist supremacists are very jealous of white people, and thus go out of their way with absurdities to be racist towards them. All stories work this way as the most recent shooter in Texas as a latino, so they use photoshop to lighten his face to show on the news to make him look as white as possible. A mentally deranged transgender, he was a comatose lefty like they all are since they are programmable.

This is photoshopped to make him appear more white for the propaganda news!
This is his real picture showing his true complexion that is NOT white but Latino.

Some of the subversive LYING wacked out journalists no matter what to frame white people even called him a white latino, as comatose KKK slavery leftists are actually programmed to be racist towards white people. Lefties are not conscious and programmable, plus they have a software line that states “I am very intelligent” so they are arrogant with their actions while being completely devoid of thought. All KKK slavery lefties are 100% guilty of what they accuseth as they have NO intelligence whatsoever and cannot comprehend what a simple FACT is EVER. This is the Brave New World!

Not just any hispanic, a white hispanic. The RACIST supremacists still clearly own their slaves, as black people are simply very easily manipulated.
RACIST terrorist organizations like BLM and antifa are completely run by these RACIST supremacists who falsely call themselves joos! It is oh so obvious, yet if FACTS are ignored, then people are programmable. If BLM does not protest the murdering of innocent black babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics, they obviously do not care about Black Lives, as they are just easily manipulated programmed retards!

As Orwell showed us in his book, you must invert everything for the truth! It is that simple, but you must get your ego which is the Matrix under control since it inverts reality. It is that simple, yet oh so difficult since people have been programmed with the definition of the ego the opposite of reality. Jung and Freud were both very egotistical, so what they told you the ego is is actually the opposite of the truth and will keep a person in the Matrix. This slight nuance is huge as you must unlearn what you have been told the ego is before you can actually understand it. My proper definition is almost always the opposite of what people argue with me it is. I have the distinct advantage as understanding real world scenarios, as I have never been tainted my definition by reading a book on it.

The ego is arrogance and the I believe I am right so it does not question. This proves itself entirely when a persons definition of the ego is questioned as it does not listen. The mind control inverts the thinking of the mind producing this issue and everyone has been infected, as I am the rare case. Admitting your ego exists means you will question everything, and that is what the ego does not want to keep people locked into the Matrix.

What Orwell is describing here is the inversion of the mind. Because of the mind control, a person’s perception will be the opposite of the truth! The ego will protect it’s programming by agent smith standing guard. The truth is what agent smith attacks!
You never know when agent smith will attack for what truth that is spoken, just know he will attack, and it will be over some of the smallest of details. I just got blocked by someone who I agreed with on everything, but his definition of the ego was the complete opposite of mine of course. This small detail will trigger the ego to do this, but the ego will not recognize it. This is a common theme in everyday life!!

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