Why I am pro choice as an open minded liberal!

I obviously believe in free will and that everyone should have a choice, plus I believe every choice should be monitored properly for justice.  This is true freedom obviously.

KKK slavery lefties are fools who have no reason and function off of their manipulated feelings. Walking zombies!

Also being an anti-Racist this goes hand and hand.

When someone is adamant that they are right, you can be assured they are dead wrong!

Thus if someone is so selfish, HATEFUL and slothful that they believe it is ok to brutally murder innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic they should have the choice of the wall they stand against for the firing squad!  Since the narcissistic TRASH loves death so much why not help them acquire this choice? It is merely helping them with their wish obviously and we should do this to show we care for their choice!

If you deny abortion is a murder of an innocent defenseless baby, you deny all reality. Seeing disgusting leftist TRASH screaming for the right to kill their unborn is beyond repulsive and obviously completely satanic!!

Consequently, their morally depraved vulgar choice offers up other choices to an anti-Racist open minded liberals like myself to help with target practice while they are standing against the wall!  This win win situation of their seeking death to end their miserable HATEFUL selfish disgusting lives, and the growing multitudes of open minded liberals like myself get a target to practice on. 

The sacrifice of innocent children to molech will stop someday, but those who promote it will most certainly burn in hell.  That destiny cannot be changed.

Like all comatose mentally deranged morally repugnant RACIST Hateful intolerant BIGOTED innocent baby murdering KKK slavery leftist vomit, they are perfect for target practice which is the compassionate thing to do since they will get what they desire so much in death.

The sacrifice of innocent children to molech will stop someday, but those who promote it will most certainly burn in hell.  That destiny cannot be changed.

This is not a joke, as KKK slavery lefties really are a satanic death cult. At least they got Nancy Pelosi’s picture right!!

I say this because I care!!

Once you wake up you cannot go back to sleep. To understand the evil beast system is really beyond the realm of comprehension of probably 90% of the worlds population. I am not believed because of this as people just cannot comprehend the simple FACTS that I state. But it literally is in everyone’s face, but they cannot see it, as most people simply regurgitate the LIES from the msm.

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  1. The blame for the pregnancy is put on the baby,…. thus in the minuscule minds of the KKK slavery lefties and AshkeNazi jews, the baby must die in order to practice their freedom of religion,… which is satanism. Gehenna will be an over crowded place.

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    • Yes, The selfish slothful narcissistic HATE coming from a women who does a satanic blood human sacrifice on an innocent baby is repulsive and disgusting like all mentally deranged putrid vulgar comatose leftist TRASH!


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