White people do NOT control the propaganda media, projecting RACIST supremacists do!

All extremist deplorable sycophant RACIST commie leftist vomit is guilty of what it accuseth! It is that simple.

Satan’s favorite tactic is too accuse his opponent of what he is guilty, as it is called psychological projection of the ego which is the sub conscious minds programming obviously.

Satan controls the absurd operation mockingbird media which is wholly controlled by 5 corporations and run by the ashkeNAZI yids who are Racist supremacists and completely egotistically RETARDED, which is why the genetically deformed schizophrenics have no trouble LYING about anything.

Obviously the ashkeNAZI yids are not real joos!

Propaganda media, pedowood, and everyone surrounding severe dementia KKK slavery Biden is one of these schizophrenic LIARS.

If someone is in such a trance they believe this vegetable is alive, I really don’t know what to say!

We know the RACIST terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition on 911 so America would go fight their wars, the ashkeNAZI yids did slavery in America, and obviously they invert the holocaust done on the good German people to it being done on the faulty inbred parasites. 

The controlled demolition was done by the subversive LYING egotisitical RETARDS 100%!! And who are the RACIST supremacists controlling the propaganda media nonsense?

Unfortunately the media controls the minds of men, and anyone who still believes the media after all these scamdemics is in a complete Trance.  When you see mentally deranged selfish slothful RACIST comatose KKK slavery demonrats screaming for the right to sacrifice their innocent children to molech, you know something is seriously wrong. Lefties are devoid of thought and simply NOT alive!

Jim knew the ashkeNAZI yid question, and so did his father who after the USS Liberty was attacked by ItsaHELL, he ordered the military to attack the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL attacked, but it was overruled by higher ups!

I am just like a real reporter stating simple FACTS which I know are the complete opposite of what common knowledge is, but what I am really doing is confirming the bible, as the bible matches what I say to the tee.  Good will become evil and evil will become good in the last days.

The narcissistic yids believe they are smart, yet they are simply egotistical RETARDS! I would not want to be in their shoes on their judgement day. There will be much gnashing of teeth!!

The bible states the earth is a circle with a firmament or dome, and any religion who doesn’t preach this biblical FACT is a bunch of heretics.  Organized religion is simply a control mechanism for the masses since it builds pride in ones beliefs which contradicts the bible. Not pointing out who the modern day Pharisee money changers are is another one.  Who runs the criminal banking system?  No, they are not semitic.

A rainbows shape is formed from the reflection off of the dome! It is that simple!

We obviously see all the extremist deplorable sycophant RACISM and HATE from all comatose domestic terrorist KKK slavery democrat TRASH, as all zombie lefties are simply the walking dead.  Euthanasia really is the compassionate thing to do to put comatose lefties out of their misery at this point.  As an open minded liberal, I say this because I care!

KKK slavery Lefties are pure HATE and easily manipulated because they have NO intelligence! Completely walking zombified comatose BIGOTS!

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