Conspiracy Music Guru not only has great songs, but his songs are the Truth!

The truth is songs and here are some of my favorites!

The Racist Supremacist subversive LIARS who run the propaganda media deserve their fiery pit fate!!
I told you so also! Did you listen?
Evil Rockefeller big pharma is garbage!!
FLAT earth song! No photos of the earth, just photoshop!!
Poison Chem trails! Look up!
The power of 432 hz! Music is healing if tuned right!!
I sold my soul to the devil (Bob Dylan)
No amount of evidence (5G) – this applies to all truth as agent smith attacks all truth!
Just stating the Truth!

He has more songs obviously if you want to search them out. Good way to wake people up!!

We are here!! It’s the Truth or bust!

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