Satanic blood human sacrifice debate!

I am quite simple in that I oppose satanic blood human sacrifice of innocent babies at the KKK planned parenthood clinics. I simply oppose murder.  I think it even says that in the 10 commandments doesn’t it?  Why yes it does!!

So sad their mother forgot the satanic blood human sacrifice right?

Since unlike a comatose lefty I don’t have to try and figure out my gender every day, I am able to read and even comprehend what I read.  In today’s world that is obviously rare.

Can you say vomit?

Satanic blood human sacrifices at the KKK Planned Parenthood involve injecting saline solution into the skull of the innocent baby causing excruciating pain for them and of course being brutally dismembered to murder the innocent baby.  But this saves the selfish narcissistic slothful HATEFUL murdering woman from nurturing life as God gave her right?

Obviously I prefer the term satanic blood human sacrifice to be politically correct and not be offensive!!

Why would we want love when we can have this despicable HATE right?  Is this not the beast system we live in that all materialistic, sexual, and morally depravity rules?  Is this not supported by repulsive RETARDED satanic dick sucking pedophile idolatrous rabbi TRASH?  Yes it is and it is part of the sub human beasts values! I mean what would the world be without child sacrifice and HATE?

If you worship molech with the star of remphan 666 it is showing you sacrifice children. But this is a FACT which satan has deceived the world so they ignore!! The genetically deformed subversive LYING parasites destination is very hot!! This is not suggestive conjecture in the least!

It is said in the end times good will be viewed as evil and evil viewed as good.  We are most certainly here!

This is more than true!!
CA to even subsidize satanic blood human sacrifice!! Yippee!!

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    • Very True! And I own the Brooklyn Bridge and can get you a very good deal on it!!

      It is so obvious it is part of the Orwellian inversion is drives me nuts so very few people see it!!


      • Really? You’d sell it to me? I’ve always been interested in buying a bridge to make into a garden 🪴 planter. 😎 PayPal or eTransfer?


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