Hope not HATE Campaign!

We have all seen the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE from OFFENSIVE intolerant BIGOTED Racist mentally deranged brainwashed RETARDED terrorist KKK Democrats over the past years especially there desire murder innocent babies, as we know it can be very frustrating for them to not be able to form a complete sentence. Clearly it is very reasonable to burn down businesses where they get their food.  It obviously makes complete sense to the narcissistic slothful zombies. Even an illegitimate extremely divisive deplorable sycophant like severe dementia diaper wearing puppet Biden will not help them become conscious obviously.  At Hope not HATE we are here to compassionately identify all their needs such as:

  1. Help with their gender dystopia
  2. Reprogram the ability to tie their shoes
  3. Help them form complete sentences if we can
  4. Help them actually form an opinion, and eliminate all HATEFUL programmed regurgitations.
  5. We try to help them understand the meaning of psychological projection!
This is unfortunately not an insult, it is the simple truth of our current upside down dystopian world!

As part of our caring nature, we offer Free KKK tattoos on their foreheads so they have camaraderie when they spew their deplorable HATE by murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics! As we know, narcissistic KKK slavery Democrats like Free!

The KKK never left the slavery democrats! Severe dementia Biden gets free diapers from the KKK for his crack pipes for the ghetto right?

Psychologically projecting BIGOTED KKK Democrats deserve to be conscious too and have the right to actually form their own opinions, as that can be frustrating for them since they can’t. This lack of any intelligence is what makes all domestic terrorist RACIST KKK Democrat such extreme BIGOTS, extremely OFFENSIVE, and obviously easily offended.

Psychological projection is how they do it accusing their opponent of exactly what they accuseth! Whatever the propaganda media says, the opposite is the truth! It is so obvious it hurts!

We do test their intelligence compared to a brick wall, but unfortunately the Brick Wall still has been intellectually superior due to its ability to stay silent.

They are not alive! No cognitive function in the least!

Please show you care for unconscious morally depraved BIGOTED KKK Democrats and donate to the HOPE not HATE campaign! Now more than ever, this is most urgently needed!

The Republican party is only there to give the appearance of opposition. The RETARDED satanic bankster scum control both sides of the puppet show!

Please support our caring philanthropic efforts.  You may help a Racist selfish egotistical slothful RETARDED KKK Democrat avoid a Rubber Room!

The world is run by disgusting satanic pedophiles! Their destiny is very HOT!! It is past time you realized this!!

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