A dead narcissistic KKK slavery democrat is a dead RACIST!

Gosh, I am being so hateful right?  Sorry this is not suggestive conjecture in the least and it is just stating a FACT!  KKK slavery democrats are simply devoid of any thought and psychologically project onto other what they are guilty.  Their brains have been destroyed at our public brain damaging centers falsely called schools.

The public brain damaging centers are pure brainwashing centers of disinformation!

The extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and abject bigotry of KKK slavery democrats spewing their despicable repulsive behavior wanting to brutally murder their innocent babies in a satanic blood human sacrifice at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics is proof they are not even remotely conscious.

Just how comatose do you have to be to hold up a sign that says abortion saves lives? Can you say Orwellian inversion? Lefties simply are NOT alive!!

KKK slavery democrats are a pure satanic death cult.  This is not a joke.  They are so brainwashed retarded at this point I do not believe they can be saved, and righty’s are simply controlled opposition that tries to give the appearance they are against this deadly cult. The left vs. right paradigm is completely false as both sides are controlled by the RACIST supremacist narcissistic subversive LYING sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid fake joos!

For satanists of course a satanic blood human sacrifice is a morally depraved value! The extremist sycophant HATE coming from the sub human beast yids is immense!

Plato’s Cave is very real, and most American’s live there and do not realize they have been duped by everything, including fighting on the wrong side of every war which includes WW2.  Hitler was the good guy and of course that is why he has been attacked by the subversive LYING yids so much, as the propaganda in indoctrination centers falsely called schools, the propaganda media, and obviously pedowood who puts out a new holohoax film constantly.  The ashkeNAZI yids father is the devil as they have no truth in them in the least. Hitler did not dispose of the parasites obviously.

The satanic ashkeNAZI yids control the propaganda media so they control the minds of men! I hope the RETARDED subversive LYING parasites like it hot!!

The truth is NOT hate, it is just the truth.  I regard calling a narcissistic closed minded KKK slavery democrat a liberal HATE speech since they are the anti-thesis of one.  But the heinous mendacious programmed LIE is really an irritant as words do not bother an open minded liberal like myself.  I don’t like ignorant LIARS!  Comatose lefties are not conscious so obviously they don’t have a clue.

Hate speech laws are to try and stop the truth from coming out! Calling a narcissistic RACIST KKK slavery democrat a liberal is a mendacious LIE and should be HATE speech! Of course in our inverted Orwellian World the truth is called HATE speech. The propaganda of the yids works less and less every day!!

I don’t live in the Brave New World where simple FACTS are ignored, as I easily see thru all the bullshit. If someone tells me I have white male privilege I obviously provide their programmed regurgitation with a severe linguistic enema shoving their RACISM and Sexism down their throat.  Hopefully the mutes programming is glitched so they do not say that despicable phrase.

FACTS are irrelevant when you cannot comprehend them right? Sorry, the truth must have FACTS to be the truth, as programmed opinions are nonsense.

If someone lacks critical thinking due to their brainwashing and is offended by this blatant truth, that is their problem. The culling of the population thru the Rockefeller death shot will disproportionally affect prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats since they are gullible morons.  The mental invalids at this point have selected themselves to be euthanized, and this was the right decision to put them out of their selfish slothful misery.

If someone is ignorant of the Hegelian Dialectic they use to manipulate the masses at this point, they are gullible morons and have selected themselves to go to the slaughter house alone. You cannot eradicate the poison once it is injected. I warned people but very few people listened. All vaccines are poison.
I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so.

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