Martin Luther was right!

The first thing you must realize about Martin Luther is that he would be appalled that his name is attached to the current Lutheran church, as it is a pure abomination to who he was.

Martin Luther was blunt and to the point backed up with a plethora of Biblical references.  And he was spot on with pretty much most everything he said, but where he actually did erred in my researched opinion is by calling the useless eating idolatrous inbred ashkeNAZI yids real joos, when the egotistical mongrels we are talking about were converted in the 8th century and were known as the name stealers.  They are not related in the least to the jews in the bible who mostly were slaughtered by the Roman’s in 70ad when they destroyed Jerusalem, as the wailing wall the schizophrenic psychopaths worship and copulate to is actually Fort Antonia which the jews of the day were forbidden to enter due to the debauchery inside.  So in the spirit of everything is a LIE and inverted, the anti-semites are simply chosen by satan to deceive as Jesus so told us in John 8:44.

The anti-semites are not real joos!

While I grew up a Lutheran, I pretty much rejected what I was told and just went along with everything as was part of Plato’s Cave as I followed what my ancestors did.  It is not normal to question what your ancestors did and my ancestors were all very good people.  To question what was done would be disrespectful to them, but I learned enough from my father to not go along with everything we are told to question things, as we had many conversations in his last 10 years of his life where he was questioning things even more.  Before he passed he even acknowledged that GMO’s are bad and a mistake, but was in no position to do anything about it.

The FACT that I really knew nothing about Martin Luther or even what he 95 thesis he so famously nailed to the church door is very sad. 

#27  They preach mad, who say that the soul flies out of purgatory as soon as the money thrown into the chest rattles.

Martin Luther was telling the truth about the subversive LYING anti-semites!

Martin Luther was calling out the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and of course he would be disgusting by the Jesuit Francis who is clearly part of the satanic new world order.  The pope 500 year was making their poor parishioner’s pay to get their loved ones souls out of purgatory, like it was the popes job and not God’s.  The pope was getting paid for his supposed help in getting their loved ones into heaven. 

The pope is God right?  LOL!!  The satanic inversion of everything has been going on a long time, as evidenced by Socrates dialogues also.

Martin Luther’s letters to the German people and to the pope are just as pertinent today as they were back then, even more so tbh.

“What has brought us Germans to such a pass that we have to suffer this robbery (sending money for nothing to the pope) and this destruction of our property by the Pope?  If the kingdom of France has resisted it, why do we German’s suffer ourselves to be fooled and deceived? It would be more endurable if they did nothing but rob us of our property; but they destroy the Church and deprive Christ’s flock of their good sheperds, and overthrow the service and word of God. Even if there were no cardinals at all, the church would not perish, for they do nothing for the good of Christendom  ; All they do is to traffic in and quarrel about prelancies and bishoprics, which any robber could do as well.”

The jesuit pope kissing the hands of the satanic yid banksters? I don’t think this is a good sign!!

Much of what Martin Luther talks about is that the Vatican is a bunch of parasites not serving it’s members nor God.  I have a suspicion that has not changed much in the least!  LOL!!  Ok, that is an understatement!  Organized religion including the Lutheran Church most surely has been infiltrated by satan as it is his first target.  I now know I was right to question, and I even when I was younger was reading the bible trying to figure things out but ended up erring.  This made me give up for quite a few years.  I thought I knew about Martin Luther so I never looked into his books, and that was the biggest mistake of all because he is confirming the satanic inversion we are in very well!

Martin Luther’s intelligence was outstanding and even though he was criticizing the papacy of the day, he addressed them as nobility, which merely padded their ego.  His prose is just extremely refreshing to read when living in our current dystopian world.  I have time to read since I am not a lefty still trying to figure out my gender.

Organized religion creates sheep on purpose as a control mechanism for the masses. It build pride in ones beliefs and this is the opposite of what God wants in his believers.

Martin Luther worked many years trying to talk sense into those who he believed were the chosen ones as per the bible, but did not realize those who call themselves joos at the time were not.  Even though the bible states this in Rev 2:9 and 3:9.  I am a little surprised he did not figure this out.  But his analysis of the incorrigible tribe was spot on, as in his later years he wrote the pamphlet “The jews and their LIES.” He stated that talking to these arrogant mental midgets was like talking to a stone, which is just how Hitler and myself have found them to be.  Their pride is just sickening as they have the delusion they are chosen which I believe they are, but sure as hell not by God!

“Subsequently, after they have scourged, crucified, spat upon, blasphemed, and cursed God in his word – As Isaiah 8 prophesies – they pretentiously trot out their circumcision and other vain, blasphemous, invented, and meaningless works.  They presume to be God’s only people, to condemn all the world, and they expect that their arrogance and boasting will please God, that he sould repay them with a Messiah of their own choosing and prescription,  Therefore dear Christians, be on your guard against such accursed, incorrigible people, from who you can learn no more than to give God and his word the lie, to blaspheme, to pervert, to murder prophets, and haughtily and proudly to despise all people of earth.  Even if God would be willing to disregard all their other sins – which of course, is impossible – he could not condone such ineffable (although poor and wretched) pride.  He is called a God of the humble, as Isaiah 66:2 states: ‘But this is the man to whom I will look, he that is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word.’ I have said enough about the second false boast of the jews, namely, their false and futile circumcision, which did not avail them when they were taken to task by Moses and by Jeremiah because of their uncircumcised heart.  How much less is it useful now when it’s nothing more than the devil’s trickery with which he mocks and fools them, as he also does the Turks. Whenever God’s word is no longer present, circumcision is null and void.”

Martin Luther does a very good job describing the parasitical anti-semites to the tee! They are LIARS!

Circumcision of male genitalia is actually mutilation.  God gave us the foreskin for a purpose.  Since most men in the US are circumcised, to the faulty inbred’s it their way of marking you so they think they own you as a slave, but sold it as it cleaner and natural.  Slicing off part of your genitals at birth is pure life long trauma on purpose, but at least it is better than what happens to the yid when they have a repulsive RETARDED rabbi give them a bloody blowjob to do the process, as the lifelong trauma of that must be one of the reasons for their immense inferiority complex.

It is a contrite and circumcised heart that God wants, and a mutilated penis is what the devil wants.  Quite the inversion here isn’t it.  Martin Luther points this out, but in a little different way was obviously.

Martin Luther was right!!
Gosh, very arrogantly repulsive! I heard pride goes before destruction didn’t you?

“So it became apparent that they were a defiled bride – yes, an incorrigible whore and evil slut with who God ever had to wrangle, scuffle, and fight.  If he chastised and struck them with his word thought the prophets, they contradicted him, killed his prophets, or, like a mad dog, bit the stick with which they were struck.  Thus Psalm 95:10 declares: ‘For forty years I loathed that generation and said, they are a people who err in heart, and do not regard my ways.’ And Moses himself says in Deuteronomy 31:27 “For I know how rebellious and stubborn you are; behold, while I am yet alive with you, today you have been rebellious against the Lord; how much more after my death!’ And Isaiah 48:4: Because I know that you are obstinate, and your neck is an iron sinew and your forehead brass…” and so on; anyone who is interested may read more of this.  The jews are well aware that the prophets unbraided the children of Israel from the beginning to end as a disobedient, evil people and as the vilest whore, although they boasted so much of the law of moses,or circumcision, and of their ancestry.

But it might be objected: Surely, this is said about the wicked jews, not about the pious ones as they are today.  Well and good, for the present I will be content if they confess as they must confess, that the wicked jews cannot be God’s people, and that their lineage, circumcision, and law of moses cannot help them.  Why, then, do they all, the most wicked as well as the pious, boast of their circumcision, lineage, and law?  The worse a jew is, the more arrogant he is, solely because he is a jew – that is, a person descended from Abraham’s seed, circumcised, and under the law of Moses. David and other pious jews were not as conceited as the present day, incorrigible jews.  However wicked they may be, they presume to be the noblest lords over against us gentiles, just be virtue of their lineage and law.  Yet the law rebukes them as the vilest whores and rogues under the sun.”

It is just the truth!

I doubt Martin Luther knew of the satanic Talmud only read by the vilest of whores whose destiny is the fiery pit.  Many of the inferior mental midgets read this morally repugnant filth clearly written by their father the devil.  Martin Luther describes them exquisitely, but his context in my opinion is off a little bit, but still obviously very refreshing.  Kind of like how Hitler described so brilliantly the useless eating RETARDED schizophrenic psychopaths. The whole race is just stupid, intellectually incapable of the debating, and their fragile egos are triggered by the truth.  They get upset when the truth about them being vile whores and rogues for some reason.  Go figure!!

As see morally repugnant mentally deranged RACIST BIGOTED selfish slothful KKK slavery demonrat filth screaming while spewing their vomit so they can murder their unborn children, it is truly a reminder that Martin Luther was RIGHT!!

He said it not me!! I agree with him for sure!! The holohoax museums to be used as hard labor camps? Yes!!

This has been going on for a very long time!

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