Innocent baby murders!!

It is obviously extremely repulsive to see such extremist deplorable sycophant mentally deranged RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat unconscious vomit scream to kill their unborn innocent babies in a satanic blood human sacrifice. They are obviously just as disgusting as a repulsive RETARDED dick sucking pedophile rabbi vermin who all need to be tied up and have some matso balls and the holohoax LIE shoved up their idolatrous sub human beast ASS!!

God will not be kind to these synagogue of satan pedophile child sacrificing molech worshiping sub human beasts! The fiery pit awaits for these subversive LYING parasites!

Obviously, I am pro choice as a liberal.

Thus I believe that every morally repugnant mentally deranged putrid vulgar RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat and accursed vile whore ashkeNAZI yid has the right to euthanize themselves to put them out of their brainwashed RETARDED misery!

I say this because I care!!

The inferiority complex combined with their severe intellectual deficiencies make the sub human beasts have fragile egos. Jesus was quite explicit about these accursed incorrigible vile whores, as judeo and Christian are completely diametrically opposed!
The subversive LYING anti-semites are not real joos in the least, just name stealers!

None of this TRASH belongs in any civilized society as they are the walking dead already, so the Rockefeller death shot euthanizing as many of this useless eating narcissistic sycophants is really just taking out the TRASH!  The HATE and abject BIGOTRY of diseased puke KKK slavery leftist filth is beyond repair.

Euthanasia which most of them willingly did by being gullible morons and by injecting the poison is probably the best thing for them.  The demons are very big and get a laugh out of idiots who are willing participants in their satanic human sacrificing rituals.

The vaccine will cull a significant amount of prideful BIGOTS from our society as it was designed by the synagogue of satan ashkeNAZI yids to do. When you have an evil satanist like Rockefeller Bill Gates proclaim if we do a good job with vaccines we can reduce the population, it is obvious. Hell awaits for these demons as it will not be pretty!

This is just the truth however uncomfortable it may make you feel, as they truth does not give a shit about your feelings in the least!

The masses simply do not think and that is why the truth is so offensive because it does not match up with all their programmed LIES! Plato’s Cave is very real and has been going on your whole life. Things simply never changed!

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