Zombie Apocalypse: It is not fiction!

Obviously in my personal life I do not let any comatose KKK slavery lefty zombies spew any of their HATEFUL RACIST BIGOTED programmed regurgitations in my presence, as the zombies pretty much know to be quiet anyway since they are mutes. Righty’s will repeat some nonsensical gibberish that will deflect off what I say to prove they did not listen to what I just said nor comprehended it in the least.

Comatose zombie beached whales are becoming a real problem. The selfish egotistical useless eating leftist filth are so disgusting and repulsive!

At this point all mentally deranged morally repugnant satanic death cult KKK slavery lefty zombies are such despicable TRASH spewing their selfish egotistical HATE to murder their innocent babies in a blood human sacrifice it is just disgusting.  The extremist deplorable sycophant zombie lefties are just repulsive unconscious vomit!

Thankfully, it is obvious gullible moron prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties have overwhelmingly euthanized themselves by injecting themselves with the Rockefeller death shot putting them out of their misery.  My screaming telling people NOT to take this poison goes unheeded by zombies which is the vast, and maybe I was trying to circumvent God’s will by trying to save everyone, but obviously it didn’t work in the least. 

Prideful BIGOTS who willingly took the Rockefeller death shot will DIE! This is not a conspiracy theory in the least!

Aldous Huxley who obviously was an insider to all the mind manipulation had a saying “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you mad.” I can speak the truth all day long but if nobody can comprehend it I am merely talking to brick walls or a stone.

I try to make jokes so at least people don’t want to kill me right off the bat, but even they fall on deaf ears.  My most recent one stating the fictitious term “white supremacist” is really just a code word for hospice to change severe dementia Biden’s diaper went over pretty much everyone’s head.  At least I try right?

Huxley was deadly accurate in his book Brave New World written in 1932. He knew what they were planning and in his BNW revisited he wrote in the 1950’s he was astounded on how fast they were going, and frankly tried to ward people. But nobody listens which is exactly how the mind control works!

Everything is a LIE!  Everything, but the masses ego has been programmed to ignore the truth!

The earth is FLAT with a firmament!

GMO’s are poison

Vaccines are toxic poison.

Flouride is a Neuro-Toxin making people stupid!

Chem Trails are the cause of any climate change and they are being done on purpose

The holohoax is complete nonsense!  The good superior German’s suffered immensely in WW2.

America fights on the WRONG side of every war!

911 was done by RACIST terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL!

Tartaria was an advanced civilization that existed into the early 20th century which provided free energy to it’s citizens and was a benevolent society that was erased for that reason.

The New World Order is satanic entirely as it is the beast system.

The Khazarian ashkeNAZI yids are not real joos nor are they semitic.

If you cannot extrapolate that everything we have been programmed with is a LIE from there, I cannot help you.

The disinformation CIA has told us they are programming American’s with all satanic LIES!! Mission accomplished! The truth is offensive you know!!

If you are still a conspiracy theorist who believes the government or the operation mockingbird msm run by the synagogue of satan, you truly are a zombie.

The zombies resist thinking and go berserk when you tell them the truth.  An incorrigible egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid told me this:

Shoah response.

Why would he do something so stupid? Oh, I see; you think at that level.

At your IQ level, you believe the slave class WAKES UP when told the truth.
LOL, adorable. You have the mind of a child.

It only drives them berserk.

We decide when the Shabbos Goyim attack.

The Shoah will go off without a hitch.
We will never activate the Shabbos Goyim.
They will sit at home and play video games and look at porn while we Shoah their masters, calling them names like the secret enemy, and the Chinese.


Martin Luther told the truth about the subversive LIARS, and obviously would be appalled by the church that bears his name! He called the faulty inbreds “the vilest whores and rogues under the sun.” LOL

I have had many threatening the useless eating diseased sludge yid TRASH, as the sub human beasts it seems all try to outdo each other in repulsiveness!  Chutzpah is pure arrogant RETARDATION as the parasites are by far the dumbest inferiority complex faulty inbred race on the planet.

The RETARDS are the most deceived ignorant morons since they deny God exists due to their pride, as I assure you God will show no mercy these accursed idolatrous inbreds.

Their laughter has an expiration date, and their misery will be eternal!!  LOL!!!

LOL! The look they will have as they are being thrown into the fiery pit of their urine and feces!! The excruciating pain and screams will be priceless!!

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