Should morally repugnant braindead projecting RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats even be allowed to regurgitate their programming?

Can satanic death cult KKK slavery democrats get any more repulsive?

I have had the recurring question of how KKK slavery democrats tied their shoes my whole life, as that has never changed since I was very young.  Even when I was 5 I asked my father why are democrats so stupid?  Not until I fully woke up did I realize they had no intelligence at all as I infiltrated a meetup meeting on purpose to be amongst the zombies to confirm what I figured out.  It was worse than I thought and very scary to realize these people simply are not alive.  The extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and RACISM coming from comatose KKK slavery demonrats is beyond repulsive at this point!

Here is my writeup from 5 years ago:

I went to a Progressive (Really regressive) KKK slavery Democrats of meeting (January 2017) about the supposed Russian involvement in the election last year. My thoughts were that is may also be a cover for the Ku Klux Klan as we all know how insidious they are nowadays. I did not see any blood stains so obviously they did not lynch any blacks that day, but it was obvious they all supported KKK Planned Parenthood and their quest for genocide of blacks or the underclass in general. Not that they realized however.

The person giving the presentation was John who is an investigative reporter in the area. His introduction was that he was in Washington DC during the Iran Contra era investigating the CIA and how they ran drugs to pay for the covert operations. Fair enough I thought and reasonable. But the first hypothesis to prove the Russian’s were involved was to cite the same corrupt CIA as from before to a saintly CIA telling us the Russian’s have hacked the election. He said it with a complete straight face! I started laughing but I was the only one! Nobody else even noticed. If a person has even a slight modicum of common sense, you cannot destroy your cited organizations credibility before you laud it. I looked around and expected a few people to notice this, but I just saw blank stares.

Not a single ounce of critical thought appeared among all these people. Their Orwellian brains sucked up the simplistic conjecture he spouted like it was revelation from God himself! Of course it is fact, he was telling us this and it obviously is on the internet and in the main stream media! Their narco-hypnotic state was so complete that complicit servitude is the only thing they are capable of. Between listening to his simpleton drivel and looking around at the blank faces, I realized the apocalypse has already happened to these people, they just didn’t realize they were there. The KKK slavery Democratic robot mind is a mere computer programmable entity that is not able to access critical thought processes, i.e. it is not a free mind. It is programmed to believe what it is told to believe and nothing else.

The program tells them they are smart and open minded while the complete opposite is true, as in what Orwell described so long ago. The program will also shut down any thought other than what it is told to believe, thus that is why a KKK slavery Democrat robot shuts down even the simplest of discussions that disagree with what it is told i.e. to keep the brain locked in place. This control mechanism is a pervasive wall to any free thought or to god forbid, to become deprogrammed. It has answered my life long question of how can Democrats can be so astoundingly stupid while being arrogantly ignorant.

This is no joke nor an insult in the least. It is a very obvious FACT nowadays if someone is conscious. They are not alive!

I obviously never completely realized the extent of this but all my life if I was talking politics I could easily get emotional.  It frankly was the only thing I get emotional about, but I figured out it was my emotion that scared them, not what I said because they simply cannot comprehend anything. KKK slavery democrats always ran away from me. All they can do is intake and regurgitate. 

Extrapolating this out I figured just how my mind used to work, and what is wrong with a Republican.  Orwellian Doublethink where they cannot come to a conclusion. A republican mind is simply lost in space.  Since I was that way most of my life, I understand it completely.  I couldn’t process the information properly, get frustrated and give up.  I have known something is wrong for a long time, but until I purposefully did significant sustained thinking on the subject, and it took me a year of reading and researching to figure out the truth.

Things like the IQ test which I figured out was just a memorization quotient, not intelligence since there are a lot of high IQ individuals who are simply programmed retards like doctors and lawyers.  Of course the beast system tells people because you can memorize LIES you are smart, when it is abject stupidity.  Doctors and lawyers have very big egos typically, and have no clue they are serving the beast system, as they get paid well for doing the wrong thing.

People with high IQ’s and are prideful because of that will always attack me and tell me I am wrong on the IQ test, as they will not listen to my reasoning in the least.  They will ask me for my source.  I am the source I say.  Then they tell me I have an ego problem which is a pure psychological projection obviously.  To protect their ego they usually call me retarded which I just laugh at this point because I know the programming.  The Matrix is the ego psychologically projecting what it is guilty which the Orwellian inversion is.  If you tell the truth, agent smith attacks it!  It is that simple!

Trump support syndrome is very real! Controlled opposition Fox, Trump, and then MAGA which is actually the highest level of satanism? Left. vs. right is pure bankster nonsense! It’s a puppet show damnit!

Here is what the IQ test really is:

IQ: This insinuates this is an Intelligent Quotient but it is not, but it is really a Memorization Quotient.

What does it really mean in our current dystopian society?

People who have a high IQ are under the false illusion that it stands for being smart, when it really is just a measurement of how they are able to memorize things.  Thus, it is really a Memorization Quotient and the ability to intake data and regurgitate what that data is.  It is only a factor of intelligence and is not an accurate figure on if a person is intelligent who has reasoning or critical thinking skills in the least.

This false illusion of intelligence creates a significant amount of arrogant assholes who think that just because they can memorize things they are intelligent. This is completely false.

In reality, real stupidity is the illusion of knowledge especially if that knowledge is a complete LIE where someone confidently spews this knowledge just because they believe it to be true.  Just because someone believes something to be true does not make it true especially if FACTS prove otherwise.

The extremely accurate assessment of Intelligence is NOT regurgitation by any means is the true meaning of intelligence. 

This brings forth the statement by Aristotle “The mark of an educated mind is one who can entertain an idea without actually believing it.” What this really means is don’t store information into your hard drive which is your brain before it has been proven by critical thinking.  The brainwashing we have been subject to all our lives invert our minds thinking so we do not question things. This is for the distinct purpose of having all of us believe everything we are told by merely them repeating the lies over and over again, especially in the indoctrination centers called schools.  Intelligence is thus the distinction of the mind of how to tell FACT from Fiction.

The high IQ minds are memorization centers and are perfect for brainwashing.  Therefore, a high IQ mind is most likely going to be a highly indoctrinated idiot, or as I call it a polluted thumb drive.  Many high IQ people are factual retards with no ability to critically think or reason.  They will be extremely confident in their ability to regurgitate what they have been programmed with which really produces complete Bigots which is in no way intelligent.  If we are not open to new information or cannot actually defend the opinion, it is not in the least intelligent.

Unfortunately, most University Professors are this type who are confident in what they are saying, but are merely regurgitating pure arrogant programmed LIES which will indoctrinate the next generation.  This is the essence of how Plato’s Cave works where nobody questions the “authority figures” when they are very confident in their espousal of what they know.  If the students do not question and believe what this moron is saying, another generation of polluted thumb drives are born into a state unquestioning of all the mendacious lies that our taught in our schools. Right now our students are paying to become programmed robots so they become slaves to the beast system.

Unfortunately peoples ego’s think memorizing shit is intelligence! It is the complete opposite of it!

Right now people are paying to become non thinking programmed robots at the public brain damaging centers pushing liberalism which is really brainwashing 101 producing a bunch of sycophant HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTS!  They are being destroyed on purpose, as they are destroying their brains. 7 out of 8 heads of the ivy league schools are genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids. A narcissistic faulty inbred race of subversive LYING mongrels. They have been expelled 1030 times for a reason as they simply do not belong in any civilized society. They have extremely fragile egos due to their intellectual deficiencies and that is why they go berserk when the truth is told.

Because American media is controlled by these mental midgets, American minds have been compromised.  Throw in all the poison they have put in the water, food and skies, and people cannot figure it out.

Flouride is an industrial waste, not good for your teeth, and is actually the biggest communist tool there is. Try to tell someone that and they will not listen because they have been programmed to believe it is! The ego or agent smith strikes again!

American’s have been the most targeted people in the world because the satanic bankster cabal has been using America as it’s military machine to install slavery central banks around the world.  Of course they are in the process of destroying the military showing they don’t need it anymore.  America is Plato’s Republic whether you like it or not, and most American’s live in Plato’s Cave entirely.  The regurgitation that America is the land of the free and home of the brave is what they have been programmed with all their lives, when America is really the land of abused and home of the bankster enslaved mind.  It is the inversion in spades unfortunately, as people do not want to give up on the pride or their ego’s programmed beliefs they have had their whole life. Nobody wants to admit they plus their ancestors have been duped, but it is true reality.

Plato’s Cave is how it has always been! Nowadays the TV is merely the cave wall!

As the bible states, the whole world is completely inverted and not to the good in the least.  The coming reset has been done probably many times before.  What we have been told is all a complete LIE.  Christopher Columbus?  An ashkeNAZI yid I assure you so just another LIAR.  Khazarian Pharisee money changer mafia.

If agent smith wants to debate me on the truth I state, I welcome their opinion.  I do not lose any debates however because I never deny my ego exists. I always question everything and do not just react, herein lies the difference.  Intelligence is NOT regurgitation in the least, it is the ability to tell the difference between arrogance and confidence.  Assuredly, everyone’s ego will regard my confidence as arrogance.  Just one more aspect of the Orwellian inversion!

Comatose KKK slavery Lefties are the epitome of programmed evil at this point, yet they are programmed to believe they are the moral ones? Orwell, Plato, the bible, Huxley did not write fiction in the least. I state the obvious so of course the ego rejects my truth! Feel like swearing at me? LOL!!
It’s hard to believe, but it has never changed!!

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