Tartaria – The hidden advanced civilization

So the luciferian evil free masons were fighting Tartaria? I think this provides a clue on why their history was erased! Tartaria still existed in 1865!

Tartary has free energy provided by God’s design on our FlAT earth, which is really a big Tesla Coil.  But if the citizens don’t have to pay for energy, the demon’s obviously do not have control over the masses.  From what I gather they had electric vehicles running off that free energy so they would never have to fill up.  Electric vehicles are simple so they require very little maintenance as they use magnets to make them go, just like how the center of the earth is a huge magnetic rock, which we erroneously call the North Pole.  This is why your compass point to it.  There is no south pole as the flat earth is covered by a firmament or dome that the sun and the moon rotate around.  Tartaria most certainly knew this and how our whole system environment worked.

The lucifierian free masons were against a benevolent society, just as the RACIST supremacist narcissistic synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 has the Illuminati symbol on their Knesset, as the terrorists keep slaughtering innocent Palestinian women and children on the land that they stole. The parasitical sub human beasts goal is to kill all the innocent Palestinians as they have been doing this all your life.  The complete opposite of what is portrayed in the operation mockingbird media isn’t it?

The benevolent society of Tartaria from all I can gather shared their free energy secrets with other countries around the world.  This obviously was not in the best interests of the demons whatsoever or the demiurge, or archons or whatever you want to call them that currently run the world.

The great wall of China?  Sorry, that wall was built by Tartaria most likely to try and keep the invading Chinese out.

The grand architecture of the world which is everywhere if you open your eyes, was built by the technology of the Tartars.  They were Aryan’s it appears which explains the jealousy of the genetically deformed cultural swine Khazarian ashkeNAZIs who we know today as they falsely call themselves joos, the LYING thieving egotistically RETARDED mongrel race. Financially rich and spiritually diseased sludge!

You want to open your mind? Ewar does not talk about the country of Tartaria, but much of his information is correct to help you open your mind.

5g ………..? LIQUAFACTION OF THE GROUND CAUSE BY EXTREME FREQUENCIES BEING APPLIED IN OUR ELECTRIC WORLD? 5G is a weapon of war for sure! Like the fukishima plant destroyed, they know how to produce earthquakes!

If the ground liquifies, the structures are affected!

(Note: not written by me.) Great Tartaria. She was disappeared from our history books less than a century ago. However its vestiges are still everywhere. This civilization dominated technologies more advanced than the present ones. Its geopolymer concrete was eternal and grew stronger over time. Its gigantic iron and glass structures, surmounted by domes and metal needles, were present on every continent. Associated with mercury, they distributed free atmospheric energy to everyone. Its towers and railway stations are still in operation. Unfortunately, the technology of free energy from the Aether was destroyed and “imprisoned” and old technology reintroduced, like cables and wires to distribute energy and make handsome profits. You could travel by boat, car or plane for free by simply accessing Natures magnetrical energy that is omnipresent and we have not been ‘allowed’ this free energy to all due to our capitalist capitalizing system of greed and domination by those in power even to this day. So, for over 100 hundred years we have been denied a benevolent system of free energy to all.
The Fake History has called the ancient architecture as ”Moorish revival” or “Mauresque” and “Islamic”. And also “Colonial”, “Medieval”, “Neoclassical”, “Baroque”, “Romanesque”, “Gothic”, “Beaux Arts”, “Eclectic”, “Tudor”, “Renaissance”, “Palladian”, “Richardsonian Romanesque”, “Chicago School” or “Victorian”, and labeled them as fashionable styles, to hide the old and true function of its columns, arched openings, pinnacles, rose windows, naves ornamented with iron columns, towers, and domes. In addition to having cut the ends of the pinnacles in the photographs or added crosses that did not exist before.

The fabulous advanced architecture around the world? Tartaria, the country they tried to erase from history.

This is an excerpt of the declassified CIA document created in 1957

Tartaria was the good guy, so that is why they tried to erase it!

There were multiple publications listing the country of Tartary and its flag/crest. Some of those publications came out as late as 1865.

Flags of the world in 1865 including Tartaria!

Devil’s tower?  It is actually a giant tree stump as these are all over the world.  There were mud floods where buildings were buried. Skeletons of giants all over!   The evidence is all over the place but you must place your ego (which is your sub conscious minds programming of all the LIES you have been told your whole life) aside.

One of the main reasons the concerted effort to hide the FACT that the earth is FLAT is once you know that, you know there is free energy that is being hidden from us.

All the Cathedrals you see were really built by the Tartarians as they were free energy stations proving it for their communities.  They had the pipe organs to provide healing vibrations throughout the community, and even piped the water thru to make it healing water with the proper crystals.  Contrast this with the concerted effort for pollute the water in America with glysophate, fluoride and everything else.  Guess what?  Your minds memory is stored in water, and if that water is polluted it makes you stupid. 

Petrified giant! These are all over the world. The book of enoch talks about the giants as fallen angels, the nephilian. They existed as what was the great flood about? True history is contained in the bible, but I am sure the bible has been altered also.

The experiments of the 3 plants proves this theory.  In it they take 3 exact plants in the same soil.  They spew HATE towards one plant, they ignore one plant, and they show love to the other plant.  The Hated plant grows black and dies.  The ignored plant is sick and weak.  The loved plant flourishes.

No doubt America was actually part of Tartaria as the 325 mile Erie Canal was not built with shovels in the early 1800’s.  All these ruins we see in America were undoubtedly Tartaria, as there are pictures from San Francisco in the early 1800’s showing magnificent architecture.  And they tell us in
American history classes there was a gold rush where people were just learning about California?  Give me a break!!  I am still going down this rabbit hole but it is clear they wanted the history of Tartaria hidden so they could make up history themselves. 

Tartaria’s base was what we know as Russia today. But they were all over the world.
There is a reason for the building to be built this way!!

Our world is unfortunately built on Hate which you can see in the eyes of a mentally deranged morally repugnant RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat, yet they perceive themselves as the moral one.  How absurd!  Completely and utterly inverted as satan has designed. KKK slavery demonrats as I keep repeating are pure ego, no intelligence and totally emotion.  They are literally the opposite of what they perceive themselves to be, as this is how the ego inverts reality. 

All a public damaging center that falsely calls itself a school is brainwash the masses with a big LIE, and even the home schooling curriculums are still quite far from the truth.  Certainly no child should EVER be around any filthy KKK slavery demonrat TRASH, as God is entirely correct in euthanizing the disgusting filth via the Rockefeller death shot. 

This is exactly what all public brain damaging centers are designed to do! Destroy your brain!!

All this truthful information is available if you search, but the one factor that stops people from searching is their ego, as they ego is stubborn, selfish, and refuses to admit it is wrong.  And it is always wrong so it believes all the LIES and will get mad when the truth is spoken.  The ego is agent smith.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off! Everything you have been told your whole life is a LIE!

Wisdom is being able to admit you have been completely duped!

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