The Thieving banking industry: What the Pharisee money changer ashkeNAZI yids don’t want you to know!

Gosh, an arrogant scumbag wasn’t he? Can you say selfish narcissist? Can you say pure ego?

While I graduated from college with a finance degree, after my life experiences first working in a bank and then as a stock broker for 10 years where I most certainly made less money because I was honest and ethical, while at the training they put on a pedestal all those who made more money for screwing their clients, while raising roughly the same amount of assets.  Thus the beast system at work financially rewarded those who had frankly no ethics.  Some of the older brokers were very ethical in their approach, but this was the 90’s and they were pushing to really screw their naïve clientele and extort as much money as possible from people.  I didn’t go along and left after a couple years to go independent where I could do the right thing for my clients.  This example of the beast system at work was most certainly an eye opener to our inverted system, as I could have easily made a lot more money by being less ethical.  BTW, the name of the newer company with the unethical investments with a large commission to entice people to push them?  Blackrock. 

While I did graduate from college, I have obviously fully recovered, as I left college thinking this sure was worthless, even though I had straight A’s in my senior level major classes, and not studying very hard at all my average overall was a B.  Frankly I looked at the Straight A students as a bunch of retards and I was right.  I challenged my teachers which made them either like me or hate me, and I really did not give a shit about the grades.

Andrew Jackson was right!!

What they did not teach us in college for secrecies sake is exactly how the fraudulent banking system worked.  They do not want you to know what I am about to write.

FYI, I write all of this off the top of my head as I know it all thru my research.  Bankers have always been a problem as they are parasites.  To show you this started right at the beginning of America, the 2nd National Bank was formed with a 20 year charter in 1791.  Congress not being as corrupt as it is today killed the bank is 1811.  5 months later the Rothschild’s sent over the British warships for the war of 1812.  If you haven’t figured out the bankers have started every war by now, it is time to figure this out. 

Nothing you have been taught in the public brain damaging centers is the truth, as it is all to serve the banksters LIES! I mean everything!

Andrew Jackson when he was asked what his biggest accomplishment was, he said “I killed the Bank” JFK issued executive order #11110 issuing money silver backed direct from the treasury in June 1963 bypassing the private bank Federal Reserve.  And you wonder why JFK was murdered?  He also wanted to disband the CIA and most likely skull and bones George Bush Sr. was in charge of the operation to murder JFK.  Bill Cooper showed that the secret service driver of the car he was in just turned around and shot JFK point blank and that is why his head blew backwards.  All the other guns were a distraction.  Oswald was a pure patsy.

The private bank Federal Reserve which is mainly Rothschild owned was created in 1913 and passed on Christmas eve while most congressmen had gone home already for the holiday.  The passage of this was made possible when the main opponents conveniently died in the Titanic, which did not hit an iceberg as it was blown up. It most like was not even the Titanic, but the Olympic that was blown up.  JP Morgan at the last minute cancelled his appearance on the ship, as he was a total front man for the Rothschilds. 

Lindbergh was right, and when his son went against the subversive LYING theives, of course they murdered his son.

While you can read the book the Creature from Jekyll Island about the meeting by the Pharisee money changer yids to create this tyrannical monster, it is safe to say this is entirely why we are in the state we are in today, as this fraudulent entity is the reason America has been a continuous war your whole life.  We are the bad buys in every war and it is a very unfortunate reality.

Hitler got rid of all usury and the Rothschilds and lent money from the bank at no interest.  If you had 4 children you would receive a house for free.  Hitler followed Gottfried Federer’s plan entirely.  He actually had many ashkeNAZI yids in his military and most certainly did not dispose of the parasites as he needed workers since the sub human beasts of New York declare war on Germany because he created paradise. 

Germany got rid of the ashkeNAZI yid usury and the government served the people. The sub human RETARDED beasts did not like that at all and declared war on Germany for this. The NAZI yid banksters had their fragile egos bruised since their LIES were exposed!! Gottfried Feder was right!

I see the extreme ignorance of people regurgitating nonsense from the internet or from their schooling and it is irritating.  The propaganda pushed to stop people from reading such an intelligent compassionate book Mein Kampf is intense.  When I picked up the book I was expecting the exact opposite, but quickly realized Hitler was simply telling the truth about the genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid LYING trash. When you understand NAZI is short for ashkeNAZI as the subversive LYING mongrels psychologically project onto others like the mendacious holohoax LIE. Obviously mentally deranged repulsive RACIST BIGOTED comatose KKK slavery demonrats won’t figure this out because the worthless filth cannot even figure out their gender.  Our public brain damaging centers are destroying minds very well as the useless eating faulty inbred yid vermin are good at brainwashing as you would expect from the synagogue of satan members.  There are obviously some RACIST extremists who care about the narcissistic RETARDED cultural swine, as the ugly smelly inferior complex mongrels define smart as being able to LIE, murder, and steal. This is how our current inverted beast system works! And it can only be accomplished thru mind control of the ego which inverts reality.  Everything an America believes must be false for this to work.  And it is!

Obviously the holohoax is the biggest mendacious LIE out there, kind of like calling mentally deranged morally repugnant RACIST BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH liberal!! Hitler did not dispose of the subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids!

Another aspect of your local banks that nobody has a clue is called fractional banking.  For the bank to lend out $100,000 for someone to buy say a home, they need 10% in deposits or $10,000 to do this.  So where did the $90,000 come from?  Thin air!!  Just like all the fiat money that is either just printed at the private bank federal reserve, all comes out of thin air!  Do you see any fraud happening here?  The system is completely criminal and they desperately do not want you to realize this.

To give you an example of how this works for the profits of the bank (which produces nothing btw) if they receive a 5% interest rate on that loan, they are actually receiving a 50% return on investment.  If they pay a CD owner say 3%, of course their return goes down to 47%.  If the homeowner defaults on the loan, then the bank has the right to actually steal a hard asset worth a lot of money.  This is actual communism under the guise of capitalism, as both really are systems serving the new world order that seeks to enslave all of humanity, and of course who is behind the culling of the population?  Every CEO of the Rockefeller death shot has a star of remphan 666 next to them, like the RACIST terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911.

The Titanic was blown up on purpose and didn’t have enough lifeboats on purpose. But really, who really knows the real truth?

Everything is inverted as the bible and Orwell tells us.  Satan is the great deceiver and he has done one hell of a job as I get attacked all the time for telling the truth.  The mind control based on the ego makes it so people do not listen to me, as everyone is offended by the truth.  A brainwashed supposed Christian will get mad at me and block me for bringing up that per the bible, the earth is FLAT! Or bring up who controls pedowood, the bullshit propaganda media, or the porn industry. Gosh, it is the same egotistically RETARDED sub human beast vermin isn’t it?  Could Jesus have been right?

Understanding this true reality makes the bible come alive.  But pride goes before destruction, and pride is the ego so it will deny the truth, just like how Jesus knew Peter’s ego would deny him beforehand.  Because I searched for the truth as God instructs us too in the bible, I figured out what the bible is telling us, as I had to erase all what I had been told in the church growing up because it was all wrong.  Of course satan infiltrated the churches as they are a prime candidate.  Reading Martin Luther’s attacks on the pope from 500 years ago are timeless, as they are just are pertinent today as back then, and even more so with the satanic pedophile pope Jesuit Francis.  I assure you Martin Luther is rolling in his grave having the current Lutheran Church bare his name, as to be a Lutheran one should be required to read his pamphlet, “The jews and their LIES.”  He erroneously believed the Khazarian mafia were actual joos and semitic, which is just another LIE from the inferior subversive LYING RETARDS!  The name stealers stole the name in the 8th century and have no relation to the joos in the bible.

1984 is not fiction in the least. Orwell trained at the Fabian Society whose symbol is a wolf in sheeps clothing, where a gay fag like Barry Soetoro (Obama) trained on how to make LIES sound truthful. Due to the mind control it unfortunately works. Psychological projection by repeating the LIES over and over again works when the masses are unable to comprehend simple FACTS!

The truth I write obviously the fragile egos of the narcissistic schizophrenic psychopathic subversive LYING yid mongrels.  RETARDS like all repulsive comatose leftist TRASH is very easily triggered due to severe intellectual deficiencies. I assure you there is a reason why God has euthanized practically all prideful BIGOTED morally repugnant KKK slavery leftist filth.  Didn’t he write that pride goes before destruction?  Yes he did and it is the truth!  The ego is that pride and it is how the masses are controlled.  God does not like lukewarm in those who do not search for the truth one bit as he spits them out.

This is a test for your soul, and it is satan’s desire to steal as many souls as possible by deceiving.  To do this he had to invert the world to make it appear he is God (Like materialism, sex,etc) and God is Satan.  The transgender and LGBT is obviously satan’s agenda.  If you cannot see that I cannot help you.

Martin Luther did not know true history as he didn’t figure out they were actually the pharisee money changers Jesus talked about in the bible. I am quite surprised he did not figure this out. Satan only needs that one deception to twist is all! Usury which is against all Christianity and morality is really what satan bases his deception on. The day of reckoning is coming as God is not amused. How much of the bible talks about all this? A ton of it!!

Did not God say satan will control the world.  Did Jesus say I am not of this world, and to follow me you must not live in this world?  But how does a person not live in the world when we obviously physically are living? (Comatose lefties don’t count obviously). The answer is in what Socrates taught, Jesus taught as they were telling you how to leave the Matrix or Plato’s Cave or whatever you want to call it.  It is the prison satan has created for your mind. 

It takes many hours of sustained thinking to figure this whole thing out, but most of all it requires the ability to admit you have been duped and are wrong. Until this happens you will not figure out the Wall as Pink Floyd talked about.  It is the few who are awake, and the many who sleep walk thru everything.  This will not change unfortunately as I have been trying to wake people up for years, and I have been attacked relentlessly for it.  It doesn’t bother me one bit, I just don’t want to get killed!  Being a pacifist and getting kicked out of a conservative meeting because I am against war is who I am.  I only fight with words and I find most everyone else unarmed in this respect.

Jesus knew Peter would deny him as he foretold this. And it happened. Figuring out how Jesus knew which I know what people are going to say before they say it also. Agent Smith is the ego and he will always attack the truth and deny it. It is that simple yet it is extremely difficult to figure out with all the mind control people are under. The inversion is very real, and it starts in the mind!

Just another day where since I tell the truth, people will regard me as an asshole.  LOL!!  I am very used to it by now!

I get attacked for posting bible verses as of course satan doesn’t like this truth. Satan or the ego does not like to be exposed so he will attack to try to keep hidden. God is not accepting the lazy or selfish. He is putting you to a test to see who is worthy. Luke warm is not accepted.
Pride is the ego and the I believe I am right disease. Sorry, God is the one who is right, not you!

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