All White People are RACIST!!

Gosh, an authority figure! I wonder what subversive LYING parasitical dick sucking rabbi programmed this physically fit entity?

Obviously this must be true since the subversive LYING propaganda from the genetically deformed psychologically projecting egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids like from the operation mockingbird msm pharisee money changers say this over and over again right?

Obviously the degradation of society is caused by open minded liberals like myself who cares for women and children, family values, and by being against all morally repugnant diseased puke coming from the mentally deranged RACIST BIGOTED LGBT comatose KKK slavery demonrats right?

Hard to believe I am against the proposal from the satanic scum in CA where they want to murder an innocent baby up to 28 days?  How hateful of me to care about the innocent life of an innocent baby instead of the slothful selfish desires of the women who wants to brutally murder her baby!

The disgusting repulsiveness of our operation mockingbird media run by the ashkeNAZI yids at this point is complete absurd run by a bunch of RETARDS! Turn of the TV “programming” for good!

I expose the complete inversion of our world like what Orwell and the bible said.  This is nothing new under the sun as Socrates, Jesus, Hitler, Joseph McCarthy, etc all were telling the truth.  Obviously this truth really triggers the fragile egos of the subversive LYING yids.

If you think there is something wrong by the morally repugnant push for LGBT and transgender bullshit which the vast majority of people realize, what sub human beast tribe that also runs propaganda pedowood and the women abusing porn industry?  Yes, it’s the same subversive LYING parasitical sub human beast tribe of narcissistic TRASH!!

So actor Trump pushed the Rockefeller death shot plus the LGBT agenda, let out an ItsaHELLie spy who stole US military secrets and a rapper who sung about killing white people. How many FACTS do you have to ignore to still like him? He is clearly part of the satanic cabal controlled by the banksters. All presidents are selected, not elected!

2 Story’s from the weekend kind of illustrate our Matrix.  I ate at a restaurant sports bar on Friday night where it is almost entirely Republican’s where I currently live, as I left the zombies of CA a while ago now.  Bashing vegetable KKK slavery demonrat Biden is required discourse obviously which I readily do, but Republican’s most certainly do not understand the false banksters left vs. right paradigm.  I mentioned the repulsive disgusting media and the guy next to me pipes up that it was Trump who told us this, and Trumps is a God basically.  And he is right because he is an old guy!!  I obviously know Trump is just an actor who keeps plenty of people in the Matrix, and this guy probably is 50/50 if he took the Rockefeller death shot.  I eschewed telling him I am an open minded liberal which is the truth, because his programming would not think but react and there would be a good chance he would want to fight me just for saying these truthful words.  So it was not a battle I chose wisely not to take.

The other story is as I was checking out of the grocery store in front of me was a big black girl who was a boyfriend obviously of a white guy.  Until about 5 years or so ago there was no black people in the community.  Obviously she is very safe as people are not racist here.  But if I as a white guy was the only one checking out of a store in a black community, I am in danger of being mugged and killed simply because I am white.  So who are the Racists?  I have been telling the truth for years that all KKK slavery demonrats are Racist because it is the obviously truth, and is just another part of the inversion.  KKK slavery lefties are complete and utter zombies devoid of any intelligence.  This is a FACT!

So are all white people Racist?  People are simply jealous of white people which the subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids have utilize in their centuries long war against humanity, decency, and frankly God on their attack because they are jealous of white people.  The yids are an intellectually deficient inferiority complex race that believes the ends justify the means, thus they LIE implicitly and constantly.

I tell the truth which is obviously bothersome to those who are programmed with LIES, as I trigger egos constantly since everything an America has been programmed with is a LIE.

I obviously told everyone I know to not get the Rockefeller death shot. How many people listened I don’t know but it happened. Since comatose lefties are not alive anyway maybe it is the best thing for them. Very few listen to me because the truth is offensive you know!

The country of Tartaria (in the 1800’s even), mud floods, giant people and trees, flat earth, etc  All these have been hidden from us for a reason.  It is to control the masses which the supposed elite few erroneously believe they have a right to.  They will obviously have to pay for their deception obviously as they are not fooling God in the least, but they are complete narcissists so they will deny that God and satan even exist.

I expect to be attacked for telling the Truth like Jesus, or Hitler, or Socrates or many others as people tell the truth all the time, but the ego simply denys the truth, and that is exactly what the Orwellian satanic inversion is.

Lastly, Reading some of Martin Luther’s letters attacking the pope from 500 years ago this weekend and rightly so, are just as timely now with a satanic Jesuit pope like Francis who is obviously a pedophile.  Reading Luther’s 95 thesis which attacking the pope for being paid to get the souls of their loved ones out of purgatory was very enlightening.  So the pope even back then was extorting funds for nefarious purposes.

Martin Luther would be appalled at the current Lutheran Church that bears his name. He tried to help the yids, but the subversive LYING narcissists do not have the intelligence to even listen. Jesus was right!
People get mad at me for pointing out the murder of innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics is disgusting, but the actual murder is just fine! In the Orwellian World, words are offensive, but murder is acceptable!

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