Luciferian Free Masonry

Secret Societies run the world from behind the scenes. Free Masonry was inflitrated by the Illuminati in the 1700’s and corrupted. 99% of Free Mason’s do not have a clue!

I have an article written about Free Masonry from someone else that I think is very good and explains a little about Free Masonry. It is a Luciferian cult and like all cults the people in it have no clue in the least. Like everyone out there they believe they are doing the right thing, as the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But for financial success as you will find Free Masons are typically financially rich which they receive as a reward for selling their soul. Satan rewards their ego with materialism to deceive them this way. Once you take the blood oaths, if you actually reveal any secrets as when you become a 3rd degree master mason a sword in put to your throat, and they will kill that member and his family possibly. I obviously don’t know the specific procedures and how they do it.

The satanic zionists who are not real joos at all control free masonry, and they will use and abuse the members for their satanic luciferian purposes which is communism where the narcissistic faulty inbred ashkeNAZI yids take over the world as their goal is to make everyone else their slave. The egotistically RETARDED genetically deformed prideful BIGOTED mongrels actually believe themselves to be God. As above as below. I assure you God has told us pride goes before destruction and they are heading for a big fall!

Presidents are selected not elected and they are all Free Masons. All generals in the US military are Free Masons, and half of them are ashkeNAZI yids so the US military clearly serves the RACIST Supremicist terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911. Since Mason’s are literally obligated to LIE or they are killed, they will continue to LIE. All actornots for the scuba diving extortion fraud NASA are free masons to keep the satanic globe nonsense alive, as we know the earth is definitely FLAT. Globbery is absolute nonsense and absurd!

NASA is really just an offshoot of pedowood propaganda!

Free Masonry’s roots are from ancient Egypt as at least the first 10 degrees are. It obviously wasn’t so bad as they held the secrets to how to build structures like the pyramids and elaborate structure with I bet the free energy like from Tartaria which of course they have hidden the history of. But Tartaria existed even in the 1800’s and all these cathedrals really were free energy centers utilizing the earths natural energy as God provided. The demons do not want us to know the country of Tartaria existed but writings by Voltaire in the 1700’s sure referenced Tartaria. We have to ask why did they bury this large countries history? I believe America was part of Tartaria as the 325 mile Erie canal was not built by shovels in the early 1800’s I assure you.

Nothing we have been taught about history is true. All a satanic bankster LIE!

The secret societies are an invisible government behind the scenes as they don’t want you to know they exist. But they are really everywhere once you look into it.

Have you seen these organizations before? I was a Rotarian believing I was doing the right thing, and even was the President running a meeting on 911. I was a member because I believed they were trying to make the world a better place. The road to hell is paved with good intentions for sure!!

Here is a little write up on Free Masonry not done by me but gives you the description of what they actually do. I think it is worthwhile to read and learn.

They have 97 degrees (I believe from my research) but only the few reach that level. 33 degree is actually part of the lowest levels although they believe they are at the highest levels. Deception is immense in the order. Only the highest levels know they are satanists, and that is the 1%.

The rituals in Freemasonry are not random club events, but are sophisticated systems used to capture souls. In the Blue Lodge, the first ritual is called the Entered Apprentice.

The initiate is told to take off his clothes, and change into pajamas and one slipper. The purpose of this step is to give the initiate a new identity. Clothes are associated with our individuality and authority. For instance, if you got pulled over by a police car and a clown comes to your window, and ask for your license and registration, you would probably think it was a joke. The outfit doesn’t match the position. Thus, by being put in flesh-revealing pajamas, the candidate is placed in a passive and restricted role. Meanwhile, the slipper makes the initiate unsure of his footing.

The candidate is also blindfolded, until they knock at a door and request for the light of Freemasonry. This implies those outside the Masonic Lodge are in darkness – even Masons who profess Christ. Only after being enlightened by Freemasonry are you considered a “Son of Light”. But this is a “false light” – the light of “Lucifer”. Masonic Grand Master Albert Pike stated, “…Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.” Thus, Freemasonry is based upon Gnosticism – that teaches men are trapped in a “false reality” by an evil Demiurge (creator god). They worship their (Snake) god as the Great architect because he doesn’t create, but works with existing tools as architects do.

They count on people not noticing. But once you notice everything is blatant. The ashkeNAZI yid subversive LYING media demonizing Putin is pure puppet show. He is on their team, and obviously coked out gay fag Zelensky is just RETARDED garbage.

Besides being blindfolded and half-naked, a cable-tow is placed around the neck of the initiate. This symbolizes the death of the will – as the initiate is now to be guided by the principals of Freemasonry. If they resist the will of the Lodge, they will be choked into submission. Later in the ritual, a dagger is placed near the heart, the seat of ones emotions. From hence forth, the initiate is to place his hearts and thoughts into Freemasonry.

Before the ritual ends, the candidate kneels at an altar, and swears a bloody-oath never to reveal any of the secrets of Freemasonry. The punishment for breaking the vow – is to have your throat cut across, your tongue torn out by its roots, and your body buried in the rough sands of the sea, at low-water mark… And this is just the first of many blood-curdling oaths, with each degree receiving a greater punishment.

In the ritual of the 3rd degree, Masons play the role as Hiram Abiff. Who is slain by three ruffians and raised from the dead by the strong-grip of the lions-paw. Thus, Masons are baptized into Hiram Abiff, who symbolizes Nimrod. Historically, Masons were given an oath to Nimrod. In Freemasonry, Nimrod is regarded as the First Grand Master, who sent his masons to build the Tower of Babel, and other magnificent structures. After Nimrod’s death, his wife became a widow; and thus why Masons are called the Widow’s Sons.

Therefore, it becomes clear that Freemasonry and Christianity have conflicting worldviews. Christians are baptized in Christ, and are raised in Christ. In contrast, Masons are baptized into Hiram, and raised in Hiram. This is why you see obelisks on Masonic tombs, a symbol of resurrection. The obelisk is the missing phallus of Nimrod that points to the solar deity – Lucifer, as the hope of their resurrection.

Invisible government is what they are. All operation mockingbird news is pure puppet show!
America is the military machine in Plato’s Republic to install the Rothschild enslaving central banks around the world. What you have believed your whole life is a complete and utter LIE! Plato’s Cave is more real than EVER!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information, it validates what I’ve researched. I’m glad you got out of the group you were in, they’re very tricky how they groom people to join without revealing what it really is. Most will probably never realize what they joined.

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    • I was not awake when I was there as everyone is deceived while many members of Rotary are Free Mason’s obviously. Not that I knew at the time. I joined with good intentions obviously. I didn’t have an opinion on vaxxes as Rotary worked with evil Bill Gates pushing vaccines around the world, and I have been extremely anti poison vax now for many years. The world is inverted as it states in Isaiah 5:20.

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