The media is pure propaganda!

Satanic Death Cult KKK slavery demonrats want to murder an innocent baby up to 28 days old proving the RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED demonrats all have a mother who made the WRONG choice!

How obvious is it at this point? Obviously not obvious enough!
If I have to explain to you that murder is wrong, then you simply are not alive!

Domestic terrorists KKK slavery demonrats are simply despicable repulsive TRASH and unconscious vomit!  The extremist deplorable sycophant scum obviously cannot comprehend a simple FACT like murder because they are NOT conscious.  The narcissistic slothful selfish diseased sludge simply does not belong in any civilized society.

All lefties are simply comatose!

The HATE that is spewed with this act should be turned around and shoved up every despicable piece of shit KKK slavery demonrat as the rude and offensive sewage simply is filthy TRASH!

My feelings are quite evident right? Let them burn!!

If you haven’t figured out KKK slavery demonrats are a satanic death cult, and the Republicans merely enable that death cult, I suggest you wake up to this satanic evil.

Anyone who supports brutally murdering innocent babies deserves their destiny in the fiery pit!

The Rockefeller death shot will cull the majority of the programmed zombie morally repugnant diseased puke KKK slavery demonrats, but all of this TRASH simply needs to be disposed of.

Gullible morons who took this poison deserve their fate!

I will be doing a blog post tomorrow outlining how everything has been inverted to the current beast system by reviewing the book Propaganda by a subversive LYING sub human beast Edward Bernays, nephew of diseased puke narcissistic pedophile Freud. Obviously they are from the useless eating RETARDED tribe of vomit!!

Gosh, narcissistic subversive LYING beast Bernays was all propaganda and all he pushed is subversion. He shows the Orwellian inversion in spades!

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