The Baroness poem

The Truth is stranger than fiction!

Truth is stranger than fiction

In a world that is under an ignoble diction

While it burns with a flaming contradiction

And building a cross for its own crucifixion 

Common knowledge is a fanciful farce

Where wisdom is surreptitiously sparse

In the minds of the few it shows the simplistic parse

As the elect few dance with the illusion of marse

Consciousness dances around the heads of the masses

As the many sink in the bog of morasses

Ignorance clutches and literally surpasses

The comatose cattle of the naïve asses

The Orwellian twist employed by the select few

Mesmerizes and hypnotizes the simplistic minds to make it seem true

Of a world that is ruled in the shadows by an invisible glue

That makes you wonder who really is who

It takes a Baroness to get a semblance of the grand plan

And sift thru the web of the manipulative duplicity of the klan

To determine the mendacity of what is really done to the common man

Where the puppet show of Plato’s Cave has an infinite life span

Is this a test or is it real

And why comprehension is a rarity to this ordeal

That we call life which seems so surreal

In a place where the masses are trained to kneel

It is truly lonely to speak the truth

Where seekers of the divine are aptly labeled a sleuth

As they search the path of righteousness so they will have proof

Of the simple purity the human soul has in its youth

To coherently see the light within

You must recognize and define the darkness herein

As the master liars run roughshod over the landscape while playing the violin

Which is readily apparent much to the soothsayers chagrin

Death and destruction is merely a business model

To move the chess pieces together into some bloody cottle

Then divide and conquer by inverting and deflecting the compasses throttle

While embracing the manufactured hate and ignoring Aristotle

There obviously is more than what is before our limited senses

Which only produce an illusion that is protected by nefarious defenses

The truth lies in the pine cone which is our connection that eliminates all pretenses

Then we are able to safely navigate the correct path and jump over the many fences

The Truth is stranger than fiction

As Orwell eluded too with such clairvoyant and masterful diction

As deception and danger elude the instincts and provides the perfect contradiction

Where fiction is actually the truth as it amazingly is just an accurate prediction

The human ego or the wall is what blocks true reality, and it is very difficult to break down. The I believe I am right disease is pervasive in our society today!

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