Most Blacks are not very smart in America with an average IQ of 86, and this is why most Blacks are easily programmed NPC’s.

My opening FACT is a True statement yet to any retarded comatose lefty who actually cannot understand FACTS they will view the Truth as hate speech, yet is a verified FACT.  The races are not equal and neither are the sexes.  If you view any FACTS that I just said are hateful, please take your NPC brain away from here because your lack in intelligence will not understand a thing I say.

Many Blacks are waking up to the subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids, but not enough!

From my perspective, I will tell you that I view an IQ of 95 and below to be technically Retarded simply because a civilization goes to hell if the average gets lower than that.  That really is the simply reason African countries as a whole are complete shitholes.

Mentally deranged comatose KKK slavery leftist TRASH always believes they are right correct? Yet the RETARDS are always WRONG!

Since the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids who as we know did slavery in America, not white Europeans, have programmed the Black person thru the media and school that white people did slavery, which is of this a complete Orwellian inversion just like they do everything else, they are attacking white people because of the mendacious LIE. 

At least most of the disgusting RACIST Sexist KKK slavery demonrat filth too the Rockefeller death shot! The prideful BIGOTS will get what they want since they love death so much!

It is a FACT that ashkeNAZI yids are the RACISTS as evidenced by the ashkeNAZI yid Supremacist owned propaganda media and vile RACIST moral sewage of propaganda pedowood.  Couple that with the RACIST supremacist terrorist pedophile HATE groups ADL and SPLC and it is completely definitive that subversive LYING sub human beast yids are FACTUALLY RACIST! The psychologically projecting yids are ALWAYS guilty of what the low life cultural swine vermin accuseth.

So who are the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING egotistical RETARDS who made up the term “white supremacist?” Their jealousy of white people shows by what the RETARDED mongrels say all the time!! Hitler should of disposed of the vermin, but he did not.

But do to their control of the media and infiltration of our schools, they have programmed people or NPC’s the opposite of the Truth, hence the inverted nature of our world.

The RACIST supremacist piece of sewage ashkeNAZI yid George Soros stated “I’m going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate Groups. We’ll put them in a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.” Yes, George Soros is that disgusting and the simple fact that he is not hunted down and rounded up proves the subversive LYING inferior complex egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid is everyone’s problem

Notice the satanic star of remphan 666 everywhere? John 8:44 describes the subversive LIARS very well!!
The egotistically RETARDED satan’s minion’s have no shame whatsoever!

Thus, thru rap music and other garbage, the ashkeNAZI yid has convinced the lower intelligence Black community that White people first did slavery in America which is false, and that it isn’t the Khazarian mafia satanic banksters who caused their suffering, but white people.  ashkeNAZI yid fake joos are obviously all Racist subversive LYING pigs unless they repudiate their deceitful race, but they see this as a divide and conquer opportunity for control.  Only an ashkeNAZI yid would ever be so deceitful to do something like this as all other races actually have empathy.  Not the ugly smelly inferiority complex ashkeNAZI yids though, as the intellectual deficiencies of the narcissistic faulty inbreds is immense. The RETARDS simply will not admit they are WRONG and are subversive LYING parasites.  The few that do are excommunicated from the useless eating tribe of mongrels!

Just like the despicable holohoax bullshit, the ashkeNAZI yid will tell you they are being oppressed as they oppress. Quite the inversion isn’t it? And no they are not real joos nor are the mental midgets semitic!

In an effort to destroy history much of what white people have accomplished the useless eating ashkeNAZI yid has convinced Black people somehow that culture was significantly done by Black People when it mainly has been done by white people obviously.  Beethoven, Bach, Shakespeare, Voltaire, Socrates were all white men.  All significant composers , philosophers, opera creators, etc, were in FACT white men.  Yes, they have been able to convince Blacks otherwise as cultural swine ashkeNAZI yids have absolutely NO culture, unless lying, stealing and murdering is culture, as the mongrels are master liars since their father is the devil, so eloquently stated by Jesus and Hitler.  The subversive LYING parasitical sub human beast RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid mongrels vile racism towards white people stemmed from pure jealousy is clearly evident with their manipulation of Blacks to be racist against whites for the specific reason of division.

The refined culture that is good comes almost entirely from white men, the exact opposite of what is being taught in our public brain damaging centers. The inferior feral ashkeNAZI yids are the authors all cultural swine and are the lowest of the low.

Another significant programming that has been done to the easily manipulated lower IQ black person is that they have programmed them to believe that they cannot be racist just as they program women that they cannot be sexist.  This is completely retarded obviously and requires individuals to actually have NO reasoning skills whatsoever.  Since majority of Blacks IQ falls below the 95 threshold, the majority are simply not intelligent enough to realize this. This statement to any lefty which is a FACT would be viewed by any lefty or lower intelligenced individual as Hate speech when it is simply the Truth.  As is abundantly obvious with simple logic, all ashkeNAZI yids and KKK slavery Democrats are both RACIST and SEXIST as they project what they are guilty as this is a FACT. This is where the Orwellian inversion come completely into play as they are all programmed with the opposite of the Truth. The ego is what inverts reality obviously.

If you don’t know what psychological projection is, you are still in the Matrix. If someone dares to call me a Racist, I yell back at them “I AM NOT A KKK SLAVERY DEMOCRAT” It is I who am telling the truth!

Thus, it is important to understand their programming when dealing with your typical Black person.  If they believe they cannot be racist or sexist, then they can be as racist and sexist as they want because their mind has no grasp on reality.  Most blacks cannot even remotely understand FACTS and that is the reason they can manipulate them so easily with emotion similar to all RACIST Retarded KKK slavery Democrats/Lefties who have not an ounce of logic.  Just how stupid is it to vote for the party that is the slavery and KKK party if you are Black? 

Per public record the KKK donated to Hillary because of her support in killing Black people at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics. The KKK even provides free diapers to severe dementia Biden for his crack pipes for the ghetto program. Is the truth offensive? Please fuck off!!

Most Blacks unfortunately are programmed robots due to the low intelligence and are the most easily manipulated with the basest desires.  They are programmed to attack white people by the RACIST Retarded yid.  If you do encounter a hostile Black person since they are more violent due to the lower intelligence, if you can do your best to tell them it was ashkeNAZI yids who did slavery, ItsaHELL did 911, and the Khazarian bankers are the most at fault for their condition, not white people.  Do you best to tell them to the TRUTH.  The ashkeNAZI yid fake joo is everybody’s problem as we know it is impossible to be HATEFUL or RACIST towards the genetically deformed feral beasts. 

Black men rape white women, but not the other way around. But the ugly smelly genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED feral beast ashkeNAZI yid vermin don’t report this do they?
The RACIST terrorist anti-semites of the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL are subversive LYING TRASH!!

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  1. There are many who would agree,…. including Malcolm X. The “Black-Jewish Alliance” was not an alliance at all. It was Jews swindling and manipulating blacks. The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) was created and run by a group of Jewish Lawyers and had nothing at all to do with advancing coloured people. It was Jews using blacks to disrupt society for their own diabolical ends. Based on that history described by E. Michael Jones, the purpose was to “turn the Negro into a revolutionary”. These parasitical jews always hide behind other entities to do their dirty work,…. just like they manipulated Romans to commit deicide for them by crucifying Christ. Eventually the Jewish lawyers of the NAACP brought in a few blacks to give it the perception of being run by the blacks. PS. Most of these Jews are fake Jews anyway with no connection to the Biblical Holy Land. They are fakes hiding behind a fake religion.

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