The masses have been duped because of their pride!! Everything is a LIE!!

It really is that simple.  The masses are controlled by their ego which is the I believe I am right disease, and that is why they continue to believe all the LIES while ignoring the Truth!

The ego is pride and it leads to destruction! We are living it!

Because of the prideful ego, this inverts all reality, and thus that is why absolutely everything is a LIE.  You cannot pick and choose well this part of common knowledge is a LIE, but this is the truth.  That makes absolutely NO sense at all!!  What does make sense is everything we have been programmed with since birth is a complete LIE.  And it is!

The earth is FLAT and the globe is a satanic LIE.  It is blatantly obviously, but people ego or pride denies this reasoned truth!  Here is a great song about it!

The globe is a satanic LIE!

As an American I have been told America is great since birth.  Pride in America as we are bringing democracy to the world!  Bull shit!!  Our military paved the way to install Rothschild central banks around the world so the satanic bankster scum could enslave the population. 

Hitler got rid of the genetically deformed subversive LYING parasitical sub human beast bankster scum.  Unfortunately he lost so the victors write the history books.  If you read Mein Kampf or listen to his speeches, it is the exact opposite of what the egotistically RETARDED slothful ashkeNAZI yids propaganda says.  Hitler should have disposed of the ugly smelly inferior useless eating vermin, but he needed workers, as lazy as the mental invalids are, they still could do some work.  Patton figured it out too late!

The subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid vermin obviously killed Patton!!

So who are the ugly smelly inferior geneitically deformed egotistically deformed subversive LYING sub human beasts who control the propaganda media? Give you a hint as they always have the star of Remphan 666 by their picture!

God is getting the fiery pit ready to boil this soulless morally repugnant vermin!!

Who did the controlled demolition on 911? It is what the subversive LYING parasites in the media call our greatest ally! Yes! The RETARDED narcissistic pieces of shit are all of humanities mortal enemy!

This is becoming common knowledge more and more every day, as the synagogue of satan RACIST terrorist ItsaHELL is TRASH!

We also have the ADL as the psychologically projecting pedophiles are subversive LYING Scum!!

Gosh, this is how the RACIST terrorist supremacist pedophile HATE group ADL was formed! What a cohencidence!!

Because of the ego inverting who you should criticize, if you do tell the truth about the parasites, they will ignore all the FACTS (Brave New World) and call you an anti-semite! The RETARDED mongrels are NOT even semitic! Even that is a LIE!! Edomite sodomite scum as the bible verse John 8:44 describes them well!

We are in completely biblical times! Orwell, the bible and many other things show us the inversion. But pride stops the masses from listening.

While the inversion is everywhere, people in a Trance have a hard time seeing it. But it is obvious as HELL! Orwell states it but it is also in the bible as well!!

Calling the brutal murder of an innocent baby at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic women’s choice? Please fuck off!!

What soulless narcissistic subversive LYING parasites not only suck a babys penis, but are responsible for child sex trafficking around the world? Repulsive RETARDED pedophile soulless rabbi satanic filth!

Destiny: Boiling in the fiery pit of HELL!!

Almost all of the selfish egotistical slothful morally depraved ashkeNAZI yids are disgusting RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats. Absolutely prideful TRASH and comatose morons! At least most of this filth has willingly euthanized themselve by the Rockefeller. None of these comatose RETARDS belong in a civilized society EVER!! I am glad at this point most of them will be dead soon as it is very well deserving!!

KKK slavery demonrats are simply repulsive rude and offensive TRASH at this point! They are NOT alive anyway so putting them out of their misery with the Rockefeller death shot may be the best thing to happen to them!

The reason why the holohoax is so protected is because the ashkeNAZI yids mind control is contingent on this disgusting mendacious LIE! Once this LIE falls, their house of cards is done. The reason they try to stop the FLAT earth truth from coming out is pretty much every FLAT earther knows the holohoax is pure bullshit! Thus the subversive LYING parasites are starting to call FLAT earthers anti-semitic! LOL!! It’s their fallback position to use this bullshit canard, but when you know they are not even real joos and most certainly not a descendent of shem or semitic, their inverted LIES are blown to smithereens!

The subversive LYING narcissists are not real joos! Everything about the Khazarian’s bankster scum is a LIE!! Their future is not very bright!!

Grooming, pedophilia, pedowood, pizzagate, etc. You can course all this satanic shit coming right out of the babylonian Talmud who these satanic zionist scumbags who have co opted luciferian free masonry (NASA) for their own disgusting purposes. It is a guarantee they will burn, as they bible says the first shall be last and the last shall be first!

Anyone who follows or reads the Talmud is a soulless sub human beast! The TRASH is diseased sludge unclean filth! God shall burn them is a guarantee!!
Remember, since satan made the genetically deformed RETARDS ugly and smelly, they have a huge inferiority complex and have fragile egos so the useless eaters are easily offended by the truth. It is time for God to flush this diseased sludge vomit!

When Patton realized he was wrong, his diaries were filled with diatribes against the edomite sodomite diseased sludge ashkeNAZI yid parasites. Of course, the amount of people writing about this useless eating tribe of TRASH is immense, but the ego simply does not listen!

Once you notice the nose, you cannot unnotice the filth!

The masses are duped by their ego witch inverts all reality. The truth will set you free, but people must erase everything they have been programmed with because it is ALL a satanic LIE! All of it! You cannot pick and choose this is ok and this is a LIE. It is ALL a lie. Especially everything about Hitler, as what is perceived about him is the exact opposite of the truth.

The bolshevick control America unfortunately. They are the commies and they are all subversive LYING diseased sludge parasites!! What you have been told your whole life is the opposite of the truth. This is a complete inversion.

They tell you everything is a LIE. Put your ego away and listen!!

This means EVERYTHING!! All of history, science, medicine, law. Everything means everything!

America is the bad guy in every war. To cling to America being great is wrong. The banksters especially after the criminal priviate federal reserve bank in 1913, is always fighting on the wrong side of the wars. All of them!

The propaganda media says Iran’s the bad guy? Do the FACTS prove this to be so?
The Matrix is the ego, and the ego inverts reality so the masses believe the opposite of the truth. It is that simple, yet it is the most difficult bridge to cross. My truth I speak will continue to piss more people off guaranteed. Everything truth I write is simply the opposite of common knowledge.
Lastly, 1984 is an absolute guidebook. All the quotes people post from his book lay out the truth if you can extrapolate it. He shows the inversion explicitly.

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