Cern: Do you realize what these satanists are trying to do here?

The demons are trying to reach out to even more demons at Cern. They are trying to recreate backwards to the anti-christ from the inteligent design of what God did with our FLAT earth.

Understand before you read this article, it is completely full of LIES. Whenever I see the term NAZI I know it is short for ashkeNAZI. The ashkeNAZIs are the Khazarian mafia and they worship baal with human sacrifices. They obviously falsely call themselves joos, but are not, but are the synagogue of satan.

The FACT that the ashkeNAZIs are not real joos is everywhere. But FACTS are ignored in our Brave New World!!

But Cern is actually trying to do the opposite of what God did, as they want to destroy and cause the Armageddon. Everything they do is completely demonic in nature. The article is extremely dark talking about end time like it is no big deal.

Please read the article but understand I am not endorsing the article as you must question the extremely narcissistic nature of the article. The people really do think they are doing the right thing, and that is exactly the issue.

Summoning the anti-christ. These people really are demons that walk among us.

These people simply are prideful and believe they are doing the right thing. God is very explicit on what he thinks of prideful people. It is black and white!

Pride is satan. Pride is the ego.

All propaganda media is run the subversive LYING parasites who worship satan, and they project what they are guilty onto others. This inversion is so blatantly obvious but because people are in a TRANCE, they don’t see it. If a person watches any media at all, they are being brainwashed. The TV must be turned off for good and since I really have not watched TV in the last 4 years at all, when I am by a TV it actually pisses me off nowadays.

Turn off your star of remphan 666 satanic TV!!

This along with cleaning up your diet, stopping any neuro toxin flouride that dumbs you down, and using soaps with no sodium laurel sulfate helps the mind think. They have been killing us by a thousand cuts and are doing everything to keep us compliant slaves. Obviously the big pharma garbage is atrocious and none of that should be injested whatsoever!

The Brave New World is not fiction in the least. To totally grasp what the demons are trying to do at Cern, you must be awake. Of course, to understand just how bad it all is requires that also. Since everything is a LIE, everything must be erased we have been programmed with for a chance to understand some truth at least.

I did some cursory research on Cern quite a few years ago, and the symbolism is absolutely disgusting. These people really are trying to bring the end of the world to a head. I personally can’t imagine God stepping in at some point and throwing all of them into the eternal fiery pit. God is very clear on what he does to this TRASH. Being a very big skeptic of the bible most of my life to now seeing the bible come to life is shocking to say the least. The bible is telling the truth, but very few people are able to put their pride away so they can actually read it, as organized religion is completely inflitrated and garbage.

Organized religion says you must have faith in God. It is the exact opposite as you need reason to believe in God and his creation. You must have deluded faith to believe there is no God. Everything is inverted as satan has done a very good job at deception. Cern is pure satan.
This is our Brave New World in a nutshell as they have programmed the masses to believe their feelings or opinions are FACTS, while FACTS are completely ignored. This is the complete inversion producing the exact opposite of reality perception for the mind. That is why people don’t see or ignore the evil that CERN is doing.
While overall I am not a big Aristotle fan, this statement here is extremely wise and defines the overall issue with humanity today. They accept ideas very easily and put them in their brain as FACT so they can regurgitate them at a later date. But intelligence is NOT regurgitation, as it is really abject stupidity.
The operation mockingbird media I assure you is even worse than Aldous Huxley imagined. The world the media portrays simply does not exist. The puppet show is nonsense.
Lastly, people are waking up somewhat, but I don’t find many people close to where I am at, as I have been awakening many years, as the mind most certainly takes time waking up. That is why I scare people. The curtains are being pulled as we speak as less people believe the puppet show every day. The demonic forces they are trying to summon at CERN should be a huge wake up call. But it will main be ignored as that is what the masses do! Isn’t there a good game on TV? LOL!!

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