Another collage of comatose KKK slavery democrats!

The biggest impediment to people actually understanding what I say is the simple truth, is the deniability that it really is this bad. Very understandable.  We have former beliefs that are very hard to erase off of our hard drive, especially what I find with former KKK slavery democrats, and there are becoming more of this everyday. Severe dementia Biden is showing the way at just how stupid all KKK slavery democrats are.

But the programming done to make KKK slavery democrats appear as intelligent as there truly is that out there, yet they are truly zombies, as simpleton software program.

NPC lefties will regurgitate what they are programmed with on the operation mockingbird CIA propaganda news!!

Being in California for so long and not being fully awake in the least, the people I went to parties with and so forth were predominately democrats.  They would never talk politics with me even though I wanted too.  A few of us Republican types would discuss things, and one of my good friends was totally on the same page as me where we could practically finish each other’s sentences.  When I woke up to the controlled demolition of 911, I talked to him first. Of course I went down more rabbit holes and now even he has trouble comprehending what I say which is merely the truth. The truth is simply so far away from most people’s reality they just cannot fathom that everything is such a mendacious LIE!

It is hard to erase everything you have been programmed with, but it really is the only way if you truly seek the truth!

So while I have never been or even considered being a KKK slavery democrat EVER, I find former brainwashed democrats very unwilling to give up that KKK slavery democrats literally have NO intelligence at all. They cannot believe it is really that bad.  But it is as they are the walking comatose.

I even had someone who I intellectually intimidated so much a year ago that he said a KKK slavery democrat could run me over in a debate. I assure you a KKK slavery democrat cannot even utter one programmed regurgitation after I introduce myself as an open minded liberal which I am.  I glitch their programming with this simple truth, and it really only takes this to put them into their stupor.

KKK slavery democrats are just morally depraved and repulsive at this point, not that the walking zombies realize however.

Obviously, Republican’s are confused as I used to be as they are affected by the programming immensely so they have a hard time coming to a conclusion.  The false bankster left vs. right paradigm is something everyone needs to exit as fast as possible.

Republicans are pure controlled opposition! It is all just a puppet show!

So here is another collage of KKK slavery democrats, as like I say I would not make fun of the zombies if they did not give me so much material.  But they just don’t stop like with our current Racist Sexist supreme pedophile protecting court nominee who cannot even tell us what a women is. Just atrocious!

The glazed over eyes of a KKK slavery demonrat paint the picture entirely! The extremist HATE emanating from the zombies is immense!
KKK slavery democrats are NOT liberal obviously, but you get the picture. Someone has to be literally insane to be a KKK slavery lefty at this point.
How many women have been destroyed by feminism? At least today it seems only the most mentally ill women succumb to the feminism garbage! Feminism is pure birth control!
The HATEFUL intolerant lefty BIGOTS sure love to project don’t they? Every HATEFUL RETARDED programmed regurgitation a comatose lefty utters needs to be shoved down their throat! If someone is still wearing a slave mask, you know they are a comatose lefty!
KKK slavery demonrats are easily offended because they are comatose. But it is they who are extremely offensive! The Orwellian inversion rears its ugly head as usual!
The mechanics of where we are today are in the book 1984 which is NOT fiction in the least. Orwell’s quotes are accurate as HELL!!
All brainwashing leftist thought comes to you in sheep’s clothing, but is always a ravenous wolf underneath!! Liberalism is pure cancer and does not produce a liberal in the least!!

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