Conspiracy globbery vs. the FLAT earth!

To believe in conspiracy globbery, one must have a degree of faith that is immense.  Trusting subversive LYING free mason “authority figures” to tell you the truth is the ultimate act of blind faith.  All reasoning capabilities must be put in the deep freeze since even the most basic thing that water must curve is just absurd.  An extreme amount of faith must be used to believe in globbery.

To understand the earth is FLAT with a firmament or dome, a person merely must have common sense.  You also must trust what you see with your eyes and ears which you clearly see water is FLAT.  Thus, you are using your reasoning capabilities to confirm what you see, which is really just common sense. 

To understand the earth is FLAT is not based on faith whatsoever, it is based on reason.

You must have extreme blind faith to ignore the FACT that someone greater than us humans created this realm!
This is very true!
Gosh, there is propaganda on the internet saying this was not said by Tesla! I have programmed morons post propaganda from the internet of LIES saying this all the time. If you read Tesla’s writings you know this is him.
Conspiracy globberyists have such fragile egos they get hurt by this truth!! Boo Hoo!!
This is a good model of our earth as the sun and the moon rotate under the firmament. We have never been outside of God’s firmament as space is fake and gay!

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