Dear Exalted Members of the Knights of the KKK!

As America’s favorite vegetable, I appreciate the fine donation of diapers from the KKK for my Crack pipes for the ghetto program!  I know we were not killing enough innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics and this innovative program to kill them with drugs has so far been off to a rousing success! I appreciate all the KKK’s support!!

As a pedophile like I am, I frequently shat in my pants when I am sniffing little children, and the diapers have so far prevented unwanted messes!

KKK slavery democrats sure are stupid aren’t they?  LOL!!

Our RACIST BIGOTED party of comatose morons is spewing more HATE than ever!!

Yours in the bonds of Satan!!

Severe dementia Biden!!

The KKK never left the slavery demonrats!

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