I like ashkeNAZI yids as much as they like me!!

I obviously do not watch TV “programming” run entirely by the psychologically projecting subversive LYING parasites at all as if they do show a white male he is an idiot, which is obviously the exact opposite of what we see everyday. We see every day mentally deranged selfish egotistical slothful diseased sludge KKK slavery demonrats being despicable zombie filth obviously.  Because they are simply not conscious, at any time comatose morons can explode. They are a ticking time bomb which I avoid.

Everything on your TV programming is the complete inversion of reality.

If a person is not j woke as what people call it, a person is not awake in the least. Defending the oppressors who did slavery in America, the controlled demolition of 911, and obviously perpetuate the despicable HATEFUL RACIST holohoax LIE is pure Stockhom Syndrome.

Pedowood, porn industry, operation mockingbird media, etc, run by the subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids!!

This response below is one of many from the crude cultural swine inferiority complex faulty inbreds as I get these all the time. This was one from last week.

Lol you see how much of a retard you are.
I’m not even Ashkenazi, and definitely not a “Jew” since Jews don’t exist in real life.
Besides, we all know you mothafuckas whites are cave ppl, who grow up in caves, and you never really ditched that “cave mentality” that you still hold.
Do you think you’re bashing me by saying “fuck Israel”???

Lol fuck all countries you moron, countries are against the Torah and against God’s way. That’s why stupid MF’s like you, dumb-asses like you will be the first to go.

You’re such a retard, you’re even in the beginning of being awake.
Go put some rocks together to start a fire, Lol Stupid white cavemen sub-human.

Next response:

Lol so we started with the stupid memes because a DUMB CAVEMAN like yourself don’t know who’s against who, ahh you dumb mf?
Remember that all you ugly sub-human caveman like you has only the stupid merchant meme, and there is a SEA of UGLY ASS PALE, SUB HUMAN PASTY mf’s like you on google images,
But i will spare your pasty sub-human white trash.

Gotta luv your sub-human birth rate that doesn’t really exist anymore. hahah
The great replacement is coming, you sub-human white boy.
Put your seat belt on, Lol

Just like mentally deranged comatose KKK slavery demonrat TRASH, the genetically deformed mongrels project onto others exactly what they are guilty. It is exactly why the slothful sewage must control the propaganda media so they can control the minds of men, or everyone would clearly be slaughtering the ugly smelly incorrigible RETARDS in the streets!

This is true unfortunately!

To get to the truth we know you have to invert everything, and thus ugly smelly useless pieces of trash say you cannot be racist or sexist towards a white guy like me!! Thus using simply logic, I know it is impossible to even be HATEFUL or RACIST towards the egotistically RETARDED programmed morons, and I assure you the inbreds are the dumbest race on the planet, and nobody even comes close!!

The ugly smelly puke color diseased sludge is NOT white!! The cultural swine certainly does not belong in any civilized society EVER!!

It is a FACT that anyone who defends the supremacist morally repugnant pedophile subversive LYING parasities is a RACIST! That is a FACT, but in our Brave New World FACTS unfortunately are ignored, and this is the biggest FACT of all!!

I do not ignore anything the useless eating slothful ashkeNAZI yid TRASH does!!

The whole race is simply repulisve RETARDED TRASH as they are ugly on the outside and the inside. They were clearly shat out of Satan’s Anus!

It is easy to see who God chose and which one was shat out of satan’s anus!!

I can’t emphasize enough that this inferiority complex laden race is completely intellectually deficient as evidence by most them being wacked out brain damaged KKK slavery demonrat unconscious vomit in the US.

KKK slavery Lefties are just TRASH!!

When Orwell made the statement about having a boot stamping on a human face, that face is a white male face for sure as I feel it all the time. It should be stomping on the ugly smelly ashkeNAZI yid diseased sludge!!

I know exactly what this means!!

Our founding fathers warned us about letting in the RETARDED LYING miscreants as they said our ancestors would rue the day we did. They were oh so right!!

If they faulty inbreds did not LIE, cheat and steal, the genetically deformed LAZY mongrels would starved to death!

Charles Lindbergh exposed the parasites, so of course the faulty inbreds killed his baby. It is what satan’s minions do!!

WW2 was Hitler taking on the RETARDED satanic bankster scum which is the issue we are facing today!

Their father is the devil, so they will never stop with their quest to destroy anything that is good, as the satanic bankster scum is exactly who is behind the whole beast system! Even though George Washington was a free mason, the mason’s were not as corrupted back then as they clearly are now by the satanic Talmudic TRASH!!

The j question has been going on since the beginning of time for a reason!!

Obviously, due to the brainwashing, people will automatically tell me since I am pointing out obvious FACTS, that I am anti-semitic! LOL!! I obviously have done the research to figure out the subversive LIARS are NOT even semitc as they are of the lineage of Cain the murderer. They even brag about this in the upper levels of satanic zionism. They inverted all of reality and the Khazarian ashkeNAZIs (where current modern day Ukraine is mainly) were know as name stealers, as this tradition of the projecting inbreds continues on today.

The inbreds are NOT joos!
Khazars converted in the 8th century, not related to the biblical jews in the least!

Finally, I give to you the tenets of the satanic Talmud, a most atrocious and despicable satanic document followed by the inferior parasites. Mind you, not all those who falsely call themselves joos follow this document that will lead them into the fiery pit, as most who call themselves joos are athiests and not religious at all (Khazars were atheists so this makes total sense). Like many of the innocent ones who mostly call wacked out lefties, unfortunately most of them took the Rockefeller death shot so they most certainly kill some of their own. Obviously there are many Torah following ones who oppose vehemently the satanic Talmudic scum!!

Gosh, can you say egotistical soulless RETARDS? God’s chosen my ass!!

Yes, the whole satanic thing is quite complicated. As long as the inbreds are attacking me as a white guy for no reason, I will lump the whole race together like they do the white race. A few of them have pointed out their malfeasance, but not enough!!
If the truth is bothersome, that is your problem not mine!!

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