The BLATANT inversion of EVERYTHING!!

If you cannot figure out the inversion here that the pure bloods who haven’t taken the Rockefeller death shot are not getting sick, while the poisoned lepers who are getting sick and dying like crazy are the super spreaders, then I cannot help you.

The razor blades work faster on athletes whose blood flows faster! What a cohencidence!!

It is no different when domestic terrorist sycophant KKK slavery demonrat’s project onto others their HATE, RACISM and bigotry, yet they are programmed to believe they are liberal?  They cannot even figure out their own gender nowadays and are complete zombies.  It is hard for someone to grasp the enormity of the deception and that everything is completely inverted as Orwell described in 1984.

Master LIARS project and the ashkeNAZI yids (Not joos in the least nor semitic) constantly project! Absolute egotistical RETARDS!!

War is peace

Ignorance is Strength

Pure Bloods are poisoned lepers

This inversion is completely in the mind as people ignore all FACTS (like poison injection gullible morons dying like crazy already), while believing the opposite that pure bloods are filling the hospitals which they are not in the least, as it is all adverse reactions from the death jab.  The German expert on Graphene Hydroxide who did a video showing this material (why is this is in the jab?  Depopulation!!) is like razor blades going thru your veins.  Thus if you are an athlete where your blood is moving fast the razor blades cut you up fast.  Has anyone noticed any formerly extremely healthy athletes dying maybe?  Of course they beat Andreas Noack up 3 days later on Thursday and killed him for telling the truth.  The faulty pedophile bankster inbreds who run the world are not very nice people and are devoid of empathy.

Gosh, don’t name the 666 satanic star of Remphan inbreds!! The subversive LIARS fragile egos will get upset!!

As someone who has been extremely anti-vaxx for years as I have had my life threatened numerous times because I know they are all Rockefeller poison to produce profits for big pharma sorcery.  One only has too look at autism rates to realize this.  But those are FACTS and people ignore FACTS!

It is only a matter of time before all those who took the Rockefeller death shot are no longer with us. Those who say we will have to wait and see just keep denying reality.

The Hallmark or the world we live in is the ignorance of simple common sense FACTS.  Ironically, the hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS!  Not a cohencidence!!

Be a good slave, take your pills and do not question anything!! Please get upset by my truth!!
Our public brain damaging centers have done a great job of dumbing people down. Common sense is almost extinct!!

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