What is the Beast System?

Most people have never heard of the beast system, yet they are living in it.  To understand how our current beast system works is to understand how the masses are controlled, as that control is contingent on the ego which is controlled by money or materialism, drugs, sex, and other worldly pleasures. 

The typical thirst of a human is for sex, materialism, drugs is how the masses are controlled in the beast system. It keeps them locked into the Matrix’s shallow intellectual pool.

In our current satanic beast system, satan pays those who do the wrong thing. Doctors, lawyers, politicians are paid handsomely to do the wrong thing. As long as their ego is fed with more money or sex etc., which they erroneously believe is success, but is really success in the beast system and abject failure in the spiritual world, you will continue to see the lies perpetuate over the truth.

Satan rules the masses by their ego, and people whose ego is out of control, will not realize they are even lying and adamantly tell us their programmed lies are the truth.

As long as man can be distracted by their ego’s simpleton desires so they stay with the world, satan keeps them from understanding their own soul, which is of the good.

Satan hates the truth because he does not like to be exposed, and when you expose him he of course gets mad. Just part of the game we must play when we tell the truth.

What is true wealth? Money or wisdom?

Thus, satan rewards those who LIE, cheat and steal, murder, and worse. The more heinous actions a person commits, the more rewards satan give them.  This may seem too far fetch for most, but once you understand pizzagate and exactly what adrenochrome is, and these are most certainly not a conspiracy theory, it is actions that simply make a person ill if they really dwell on it too long.  I am not going to tell you what they are as you must do your own research.

Not money itself as it is merely a form of exchange, but the love of money is the source of all evil. Satan rewards those who do the most evil with money and other things.

The beast system is also a system where the LIES are comfortable, but the truth is offensive.  The truth will be attacked, while LIES are defended.  The beast system is the complete inversion of reality!

The beast system is also an inversion of justice, where the victim is punished while the perpetuator goes unpunished, and this is caused by the inversion of the mind, where racist bigots will psychologically project onto others what they are themselves guilty of.  This is the ego as the ego accuseth exactly what it is guilty.

If you think any leftist thought actually cares for people, you are very naive. It is merely calling evil good.

The inverted Orwellian World is the beast system, and it is contingent on the mind control of the ego which inverts the perception of reality. This is also called the Matrix.

The beast system uses the ego so people will reject the truth, and embrace the LIES!! The inversion of reality.
The beast system is controlled by the love of money, as our satanic financial system is the ultimate problem with our upside down society.

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  1. Definitely brother. The love of money is the root of the inversion. To make it you have to immerse yourself in evil nasty nasty evil. Well to make big money anyway. Until people realize the truth or dare forces to face it the system will keep rolling

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    • Thx! Understanding how satan puts the carrot in front of people to manipulate them, and others by manipulating their good intentions, is exactly how he works.

      The biggest trick of all though is getting people to deny he exists.

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      • You’re welcome! I wish someone would really invent They Live glasses, it’s not possible but we need some way to wake up the sleeping masses. Writing might be our best chance. I wish I was a better writer, just in order to do that!

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  2. Babylonian money magic is our financial system. That’s the parasitical practice of usury; fake money created from nothing, and then charging interest on it. How satanic is that for controlling people? The biggest and most effective lie perpetuated by satan is that he doesn’t exist. He has full control over those who knowingly sold their souls to him, as well as to those who don’t believe he’s real and are thus lukewarm and naive about spiritual matters. This is such a brilliant article on so many levels. I’d say it’s one of your best, along with great memes to knock the ball out of the park. Nice work brother.

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  3. But a genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid just told me I am white boy TRASH who is a cave dweller!

    Are you insinuating the subversive LIAR was psychogically projecting what he himself is guilty?

    What a cohencidence to see that inversion right?

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