A true open minded Liberal cannot be offended by mere words EVER!!

If a person is offended by mere words, they are NOT an open minded Liberal period!!

All morally depraved mentally deranged brainwashed RETARDED RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are offended by words!!

This is what Socratic logic looks like!! Comatose lefties have NO logic!!

RACIST intolerant BIGOTED morally depraved psychologically projecting KKK slavery demonrats are pure HATE!!

Please be an anti-RACIST!

Encourage all mentally deranged comatose RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat unconscious diseased sludge vomit to get the Rockfeller death shot so the projecting RACIST piece of shit get the blood clots and DIE!!

Do this because you care!

You think I am joking when I say RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are not alive? I am deadly serious!!
Orwell’s 1984 HATE minute! It is always important to take a KKK slavery demonrats HATE they are spewing and redirect down their throat so they choke on it!!

Being the open minded liberal I am I assure you I told everyone I knew to NOT get the Rockefeller death shot as the Hegelian Dialectic tactic the government uses to kill people is quite obviously to anyone with a functioning brain. Thus, only a few people can actually figure this out. Since people do not like the truth and are offended by it plus actually looking at the poison ingredients may make them question the population culling injection, most people ignored what I say because trying to save them and make them think really pisses people off!! The masses would rather DIE than think because thinking is such a nasty thing right?

This hypothesis has been soundly proven by the Rockefeller population culling shot!
Please don’t read this because it is offensive to closed minded BIGOTS!! Not much longer however!

It is pure HATE speech to call any comatose closed minded BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty a liberal!! If you do you are a LIAR!!!

Everything I state is based on sound Socratic logic, as I never base anything I say on opinion, especially those programmed by our Public Brain damaging centers or the operation mockingbird bullshit media. I only speak truth which is why it seems so foreign to the masses.
The life of a philosopher who tells the truth is NOT a life of popularity in the least!!
Is this not our current reality? The bible has been bastardized by organized religion, so if you are tainted by it it is important to unlearn what you thought the bible was before you read it again. Any preconceived prideful notions will prevent any comprehension.

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