Feminism is birth control as the only good feminist is one who has already been run over by a truck!

Obviously we know just how rude and offensive all RETARDED whiny ass diseased putrid sludge feminist bitches are, as like all RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED comatose KKK slavery demonrat unconscious vomit they are easily offended.  Feminists who obviously are no longer women but a freakazoid diseased piece of shit, are particularly offensive and rude plus being morally repugnant unconscious TRASH!

Thus, a collage of the mentally insane freak show Feminist TRASH is quite appropriate!!

All feminists are useless eating diseased puke!!
Gosh, do you think their were alterior motives that the satanic banksters used? What a cohencidence!!
Gosh, notice the subversive LYING parasitical satanic star of Remphan 666 behind feminism? Every single time!!
The diseased sludge genetically deformed ashkeNAZI yids cannot blend in with the Japanese!! The useless eaters are obviously puke color, NOT white!!
Like all RACIST BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH, Feminism is pure HATE!!
All diseased puke feminists obviously have a mother who should have aborted the despoicable piece of shit!!
Euthanasia is really the only cure for every putrid vulgar mentally deranged morally repugnant feminist unconscious piece of shit!!
Like all RETARDED diseased puke leftist TRASH, they have NO intelligence!!
The truth is offensive you know!!

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  1. Divide and conquer, social conditioning is about degradation under the guise of liberation. The globalists want a nihilistic slave society, ruin the natural God-created perfection. Men and women are equal but not the same, the differences are complimentary not the war/hatred that they created to divide and ruin society.

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  2. Feminism pure divide and conquer. Men and women are meant to compliment each other as we are different which is a good thing. Feminism was designed to create enmity between the sexes and destroy the family values and really destroy the happiness of females. Women are more emotionally wired which unfortunately makes them more easily manipulated then men. The criminal satanic bankster scum took advantage of this.


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