I don’t know if this rumor is true or not, but I heard since severe dementia sniffing pedophile Biden is doing such a good job of killing Black people and the underclass in general with his crack pipes for the ghetto program, that the KKK has generously been providing free diapers to him!!

Do you believe this possibility about RACIST KKK slavery demonrat comatose Biden?

  1. Yes, I heard that also!!
  2. That would be expensive!!
  3. How would he know?
It is NOT alive!!
KKK slavery democrats are the zombie apocalypse! Nobody is home!!
KKK slavery demonrat Biden with Grand Wizard Byrd!!! Big switch my ASS!!
The line in a KKK slavery demonrats programming that states ” I am very intelligent” is NOT true!! It is quite laughable at least!!
Comatose KKK slavery lefties have NO intelligence!!
At least they have euthanized themselves by taking the Rockefeller death shot right? They are intellectually incapable of listening!!
Gosh, genetically deformed egotistical RETARDED subversive LYING parasites who are treasonous to America!! What a cohencidence!!
Every KKK slavery demonrat has a mother who made the WRONG choice!! The RACIST HATEFUL intolerant cultural swine BIGOTS are just disgusting!!

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