joo York Time reader brain description!

Obviously, an open minded liberal like myself only looks at this disgusting morally depraved psychologically projecting RACIST bigoted propaganda rag to see how they are programming the KKK slavery demonrat sycophant farm animals, as about the only distribution for this despicable rag is on Orwell’s farm at this point, as it is not fit for a bird cage liner since their have been numerous upset birds that it was used. Every propaganda communist opinion is the complete opposite of the truth entirely, as it is pure subversive LIES of utter nonsense! Since they know comatose KKK slavery leftist gullible morons can only regurgitate what they read and see on the operation mockingbird news, it is merely a control mechanism for the useless idiots.

If some sycophant farm animal still reads this disgusting filth, they are brain dead and simply not alive. The egotistical RETARDS who run this rag are total TRASH and deserve their eventual destination of the fiery pit!!

Operation mockingbird propaganda media is pure psychological warfare!!

pew York Times Reader Brain Description: Zombie Like Unconscious Gullible Moron whose proclivities towards Communist, Sexist, Racist, Bigoted activities hold no limitations; Arrogant simpleton; A polluted thumb drive with no critical thinking skills to discern facts from suggestive conjecture; Vacancy sign permanently posted while vacuous vomit drips unrestrained. Part of an angry drooling mob.

Warning: Do not get to close to these stupid dumb animals as they drool profusely.  If you tell them anything and are clever about it, they will parrot it out to every other wack job.  They will foam at the mouth when manipulated into a stupefying frenzy as they are unable to think for themselves. This inert matter will inevitably be an intolerant politically correct bigot. After interaction, you will debate with yourself wondering if they really exist due to their trance like state.  We can only hope Darwin is right and this lower life form sinks into the bowels of history.

Note: Will include Doctors, Lawyers, and University Professors plus other brainwashed mindless blithering idiots.

Ain’t this the truth!! All a KKK slavery demonrat is is a parrot at this point, while Republicans are not much better!!
You must invert everything said in the pew York Times for the truth!! It is obviously written for all the stupider farm animals on Orwell’s farm!!
There is NOTHING you were brainwashed with in the public brain damaging centers that is the truth!! Absolutely NOTHING!!
If you invert everything and I mean everything, you can find the truth! Do not over complicate things, as it really is that simple!!
The more absurd absolute nonsense for the bullshit propaganda media at this point the better!!
The extremist deplorable HATRED for all humanity in this meme is completely indicative of exactly where we are today!! Absolute demons!! Guess what genetically deformed egotistical RETARDED subversive LYING parasitical tribe this piece of garbage is from?
Pedowood, operation mockingbird media, anything from our corrupt government simply is a satanic LIE!
The truth is offensive simply because everyone is programmed with egotistical LIES!!
The masses are controlled by their ego, and the ego believes all the LIES while ignoring simple FACTS!! Programmed opinions are NOT FACTS!
A philosopher will never win a jury trial, because the masses are simply stupid!!

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