My life in the Brave New World!

For those of you who think the Brave New World as described by Aldous Huxley in 1932 is fiction, I suggest you reevaluate your position.  Frankly, it is deadly accurate, but you must take into account who Aldous Huxley was as he as an insider who was trained at the Fabian Society, whose symbol is a wolf in Sheep’s clothing.  How it trains people like Barry Soetoro (aka Obama who is the receiver from Michael) on how to LIE while sounding truthful and compassionate, while being an egotistical satanic evil piece of shit.

All commie subversive LIES come to you in sheep’s clothing!!

I am an open minded liberal which is a FACT not a programmed label, as I understand the inversion of the whole world very well. I can look at any propaganda news piece and figure out the truth from it.  It is actually quite simple when you know the big picture of the false left vs. right paradigm, as anything from the KKK slavery lefty side is always the opposite of the truth. If it comes from the corrupt government, evil google, deflecting Wikipedia, or the operation mockingbird propaganda msm, it is not only a LIE and typically the total opposite of the truth. It is extremely easy to discern, but you must have critically thinking to do this which our public brain damaging centers falsely called schools strive to destroy.  For the controlled opposition like Alex Jones, he will tell 80% truth and 20% deflection.  This is to keep people waking up still docile.  There are many 80% out there currently.  None of them will name ItsaHELL doing the controlled demolition on 911.

Public brain damaging centers at work!! Be a good slave!! Pink Floyd was right as “We don’t need no education.”

Because I don’t live in the Brave New World which is truly defined by the ignorance of simple FACTS combined with a constant barrage of psychological projections from narcissistic gullible morons, nobody is personally insulted even close to what I am.  It is a given that because what I say will disagree with the subversive LIES of the programming, I will trigger fragile egos constantly, and thus to protect their intellectually deficient prideful ego, they will personally attack me.  Literally no one is capable of debating me in a simple Socratic logical debate.

The hallmark of the Brave New World is that people believe their programmed opinions are FACTS, while not being able to comprehend FACTS!

So what are the most common insults that I receive?  Mind you I am not on twitter where the sycophant farm animal KKK slavery lefties dwell, I am on Gab and telegram which is mainly Orwellian doublethink Righty’s who still have the inversion going on.

I am called:

  1. Retarded
  2. Democrat
  3. Joo

And is very typical people want to kill me all the time after calling me a democrat or one of the other names.  Obviously I misspell words sometimes in haste and that inane immaterial detail is jumped on constantly!  The intellectual children’s pool just is not shallow enough you know!!

The most inane details trigger the ego! I love being given advice on my approach when I have no clue what extremely inane detail will trigger someone!! People love giving me advice (their I believe I am right ego) but will not ponder their own issues.
This is exactly how the ego works!!

Since I figured out exactly how the Matrix works and being a widely derided straight white male for no reason whatsoever, it is always been in my and everyone’s best interest to wake people the fuck up!!  Picking what I thought would be easy to wake up in the last couple of years, I have approached the Proud Boys (who are being used and abused for nefarious purposes), Patriots (who get really upset if you call yourself a liberal and believe in Flat Earth) and white lives matter (who will attack you when you state the obvious that KKK slavery demonrats are RACIST towards white people entirely!)

Since I know the programming, in dealing with the proud boys I made fun of KKK slavery democrats zombie nature by stating they cannot even form complete sentences and can only regurgitate what they have been programmed with, while being confused of even what their gender is.  Everyone laughs obviously as comatose KKK slavery lefties are derided immensely in these circles as they should be. Then I try to illustrate the Orwellian inversion after I have done a preemptive strike like this and tell them I am an open minded liberal.  I am always the optimist that they will disconnect an open minded liberal from a closed minded KKK slavery democrat which is the truth!!

Does it work?  Fuck NO!!  They will tell me repeatedly I cannot say that!! I tell them I just did so I obviously can!!  Agent Smith always attacks the truth so their programming overrides any thinking which is typical with any righty.  The ego always denies the Truth!!

I did my best, but if I went much further they would have beaten me up!!  The truth does that!!

The truth is offensive you know!!

I spent considerable time on telegram with the Patriots.  I posted many philosophical quotes, bible verses, and memes making fun of comatose KKK slavery lefties.  Because what I post is designed to try and make people think, they were widely ignored due to lack of comprehension and trying to make people think really pisses people off!!  I tried the same process of attacking lefties zombie nature before I mentioned I was an open minded liberal.  Of course I was attacked after this by them accusing me of supporting the racist domestic terrorist HATE groups BLM and antifa.  So it didn’t work as their programming just doesn’t give up.  I also said the holohoax is nonsense (of course people then posted propaganda from evil google run by the ashkeNAZI yids) and the earth is FLAT so I obviously was called RETARDED and showed a picture of a Rhino taking a shit for that!  Very childish reactions with no debate, just personal insults.  Agent Smith at his finest!!

Agent Smith hates the Truth!!

I was attacked by quite a few of them and told I was being arrogant and that it was them who knew everything and I should just shut up.  I was called an asshole, stupid, and a complete dipshit.  That was ok with everyone on the telegram channel.  When I purposefully after many repeated attacks used the same words to respond to their psychological projections (which is exactly what they are as they are guilty of what they accuseth), I was told to stop the ad hominem attacks.  Those same words attacking me for no reason other than I was trying to make them think and it pissed them off, were just fine when I was being attacked with these ad hominem attacks.  This is the Brave New World we live in and what I get to experience every day!!

The supremacist ashkeNAZI yids control of the propaganda operation mockingbird media unfortunately does work! Not so much with me however!!

I of course had to delete myself off of that channel since I was being relentlessly attacked, but one of the attackers was so pissed he messaged me directly and wanted to come to my office and beat me up.  How productive it would be for all if a Patriot beat me up right?  He didn’t like liberals and I am a liberal obviously.  Everyone where I work loves guns so I said better bring a gun since everyone has one here!  I am sure I put his brain in a tizzy but since I only fight with my words which are a bazooka in a non-physical fight, I have always run away from a fist fight because they are for RETARDS!  Nobody wins EVER!!   I have always had that discernment and have never been in a fist fight EVER!  I used to be able to run away, but I am not as fast I as I used to be!!

Lastly, I responded to a telegram channel for white lives matter and thanked them for their altruism.  The response was they had to look up the meaning of the word!  A little while later after a post of some mentally deranged comatose KKK slavery lefty, I mentioned I was sick and tired of all the RACISM and BIGOTRY that comes from the HATEFUL KKK slavery demonrats!!  Which is the truth so of course Agent Smith deleted me from that channel!!  No response just a fragile ego triggered in the Brave New World where FACTS and Truth are offensive!

The absurdities are simply immense at this point!!

The simple FACT is that because of the Trance most people are in, they simply cannot comprehend anything I write, and since I write using the Truth it will disagree completely with all the comfortable LIES they have been programmed with at the public brain damaging centers.  Very few people listen to me since they have the I believe I am right disease (ego), are constantly explaining to me why I am wrong which is them trying to protect the opinionated LIE they are programmed with while ignoring all FACTS due to the non-comprehension of them.  The belief that programmed opinions are thought of as FACTS while FACTS are thought of as opinions is exactly how the Orwellian inversion works.

1984 is a guidebook! Obviously more representing what the Bolsheviks did in Russia 100 years ago when they murdered 66 million White Christians.

Another pertinent example of the Orwellian inversion is the truth about the earth being FLAT with a dome or firmament as compared to the cult of free mason NASA which means be deceive in Hebrew.  Globbery is utterly absurd after looking at simple FACTS, as even the simplest of FACTS like water always finding its flatness is too much to take for conspiracy globberyists!! Yet most flat earther’s will explain in tons of detail all the aspects showing the earth is a flat plane.  Unfortunately Conspiracy globberyists cannot even process water being flat and since they have the “I believe I am right disease” will not listen, never answer questions (The only thing I ask EVER is for them to explain how water curves because I know they will never answer), and then to protect their ego they will call me retarded.  I do hold the world record for being called retarded and the percentage of conspiracy globberyists calling me this is quite high compared to others.  But once I start making fun of them I am being juvenile right?  It doesn’t matter how in exquisite detail I tell them how everything works, because of their ego they will not listen nor comprehend what I say.  Can you say frustrating?  I get personally attacked, then I state why this happened, and then get blamed for attacking because I stated FACTS or the truth!!  That is why the truth sounds like HATE!

Water doesn’t curve!! It always seeks flatness with no energy applied!!
The HATE speech laws are to try and stop the Truth entirely!! Propaganda msm is absurd!!

Lastly, because I don’t live in the Matrix, I never know when what I say will trigger someone’s ego. So where I work which is a great place overall, I know I needed to defuse the democrat trigger because I insult lefty zombies all the time because they give me so much material obviously. I have successfully defused this and they viciously insult me by calling me a democrat at this point.  I always respond by telling them how HATEFUL they are being!!  I am now protected if I accidently tell the truth about the zombies!

Unfortunately KKK slavery lefties have no critical thinking whatsoever!! Zombie apocalypse in real life!

The Brave New World is not fiction as it is a guidebook for where we are.  I know exactly how the mechanics work for all of it and have written many chapters for a book, yet the one aspect is how to get by the cognitive dissonance.  It is different for everyone which means you cannot write a standard operating procedure. You cannot state the truth directly which will correspond with FACTS if their programmed opinion which they believe is a FACT is in the way.  Thus to deprogram someone you cannot go thru the front door as it is locked.  You must defuse their ego first which will be different for everyone.  Thus, I know what must be done, but each case is individual. 

For righty’s it will be all over the place since they are confused.  I simply have had limited success.  For comatose lefties I simply go directly at them and silence them if needed.  Ironically if they just stay silent it is for their benefit since all they do is make fools out of themselves.  Telling a lefty I am the liberal is all that is needed.  I am always nice, but if I am attacked, I provide a linguistic enema as needed.  I honestly don’t believe a comatose lefty can be woken up so I do not spend any time trying.  98% of my efforts have been for rightys.  And righty’s attack me like crazy.  I hate it when they call me a democrat but at least I am used to it since I am called one all the time!!

Organized religion is garbage, but there is a God who must be disgusted at this point!!

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  1. Hey brother I believe wholeheartedly that u are not retarded and are a big reason that I am as awake as I am. I live u for it bro. I know first fighting is retarded but if we are ever together in the future you will always be safe cause I love to be retarded with my fists!! Anyway love your posts

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    • I have my world record for being called retarded and I know it is because I intellectually intimidate them so they do that to protect their fragile ego.

      I like a good debate with words, but not a physical fight since that is pure ego and nobody plays fair. I know some good self defense moves however!

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  2. Hi David. I only think you’re a little bit retarded,…. but I love you anyway. LOL. Seriously though,… this was very well explained. I keep learning from you. Thanks for that.

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  3. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after browsing through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely pleased I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

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