History is a LIE commonly agreed upon!

History is all a LIE!!! That is why it actually repeats itself over and over again! CV 19 is just the flu like usual.

The supposed spanish flu from 100 years ago was totally fake just like this bogus CV 19 nonsense, as the people are just like what we will see today will die from the Rockefeller death shot, as the unmasked who still have cognitive function will be burying the gullible moron slave mask wearers.

The masses are cattle as they have always been!!

If you don’t search for real history, you most certainly will repeat it!!

Everything we learned about WW2 is completely inverted, as the victors write the history books. Understanding America fights on the WRONG side of every war when extrapolated will bring you the truth!!

Patton had good intentions, but that road was led into HELL!!
Iran doesn’t have a satanic Rothschild enslaving central bank do they? Can you connect the dots on why they are maligned in the propaganda subversive LYING media?
All wars are egotistical RETARDED subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid bankster wars!!
I assure you these idiots died of the Rockefeller death shot!!
The holohoax is bullshit!! It is blatantly absurd!!
All of it is fake!! Have you ever heard of the great nation of Tataria? They had free energy so they were deleted from the history books!!
The real reason Germany was attacked as Hitler did not want war!!
The parasitical egotistical RETARDED genetically deformed ashkeNAZI yids declared war on Germany in 1933!!
Smartest race? No, the most inferior faulty inbred subversive LYING parasitical RETARDED race!! Pure cultural swine!!

2 responses to “History is a LIE commonly agreed upon!”

  1. The local funeral home was silent for a long time but is now having memorials daily. I know it’s due to the vaccine (death shot) me telling people that is always met with disbelief. Case in point: I tried to tell someone on Fakebook that the vaccinated are dropping like flies and this led to him calling me names and requesting “sauce” even after I provided proof he poo pooed it saying it was “fake news” his ego would not allow him to believe it cause he had taken the shot

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